15 Jun 2017

Having received my approval Tony pulled Donna to her feet and proceeded to undress her. Donna has a slim petite body with a pair of well proportioned 'B' cup breasts, her nipples were rock hard as he removed her top and he didn't need an invitation to suck on her perky nipples. I knew Donna loved having her nipples sucked and her moaning was so loud that she was clearly audible to me outside the window. My cock was as hard as it had ever been in the whole of our relationship and my hand was a blur as I jacked off. I was horny beyond words and I knew I wanted to be inside watching them up close.

At this point Tony was slowly licking his way down her torso whilst unbuttoning her jeans, he eased them off and pushed her down into the sofa and then removed her panties revealing her gorgeous pussy. Donna's pussy is lightly shaved but its her labia that I have always loved, they're big, puffy and very meaty and when she is aroused they hang down quite low and pronounced....Donna had always been embarrassed by them but realised that they turned me on and she'd become comfortable with me being aroused by them, so it was no surprise that Tony found joy in them as well and soon had them between his lips. Donna's eyes were closed and she held Tony's head in her hands as he worked on her pussy. I made my move and opened the patio door, I'd left my jeans and underwear outside and just had my cock in my hand as I approached the sofa. Donna heard me approaching and opened her eyes.....they were as wide as saucers and she looked shocked to see me there, she tried to push Tony away from her pussy but I reassured her and in a calm voice whispered in her ear that I loved her and to keep going....she stared at me and could see the sincerity in my face, then she looked at my cock in my hand and a sexy smirk erupted over face....she closed her eyes, grabbed Tony's head and carried on as if I wasn't there.

I sat beside her stroking my cock and feeling great...........