Written by Iliketowatch

4 Jul 2017

I don't think my cock had ever been so hard as I sat beside Donna on the sofa, Tony's head was moving back and forth and Donna had begun to moan quietly as he worked on her pussy. I shifted my position and soon had her erect nipple in my mouth, Tony pulled her arse to the edge of the sofa where he attacked her clit, it was red and swollen, it looked like a tiny penis as he rolled it between his lips....Donna's moans be came louder and louder as she neared orgasm, her hands went to the back of Tony's head and she pulled it into her pussy as her cries got even more exaggerated.....'Yes, yes' she moaned as she arched her back, her legs grabbing Tony in a vice like grip as she climaxed.......My cock was in my hand and I could feel my own orgasm approaching, I knelt beside her and offered her my cock, she sucked me deep into her mouth just as I shot my load....

I was shocked, Donna had never liked swallowing my cum but here she was allowing me to shoot it deep into her throat....my shaft fell limp from her mouth as I fell back onto the sofa. That was the cue for Tony as he knelt before Donna and began rubbing his massive prick up and down her slit....her whole cunt looked inflamed and on fire, her pussy was dripping wet as she grabbed Tony's shaft and eased it into her hole.....I was stunned as she fed his cock into her cunt....her eyes widened briefly as his whole length disappeared deep inside her......My cock was stirring again, and I sat their stroking it as Tony began to thrust back and forth....Donna's legs were now locked around his back and with each thrust she pulled him deeper and deeper inside her cunt.....Tony's shaft had stretched her pussy beyond anything I'd ever seen before...I thought she'd pass out but she kept wanting more....She wasn't moaning anymore, she was yelling...'Yes,yes,yes' she screamed with each thrust...I was mesmerised as Tony's cock became a blur...he hammered at her pussy, faster and faster...

Tony began to grunt loudly as he pumped her pussy full of his cum......he thrust as hard and as deep as he could go.

He fell forward onto Donna, he was bathed in sweat.....I couldn't hold off tugging myself anymore and for the second time that evening I offered my cock to my wife...she sucked my cum from my balls as I shot my second load in less than 10 minutes. Tony pulled his monster cock from her pussy and as he did a flood of his cum spewed out onto the floor. Nobody moved, we all lay there breathless for ages before we moved.... Tony grabbed his clothes and bid us farewell as Donna and I sat there taking in the moment. We never went to bed that night and sat for ages talking about what had happened and the future of our marriage. She loved what had happened and wanted more......I loved it as well and loved the excitement of watching her with other partners. Tony became a regular visitor to our bedroom and over time we added others to our group of 'special' friends. I still love watching to this day.