Written by Iliketowatch

11 Aug 2017

As I said at the end of the last story, Tony became a regular visitor to our bedroom but along the way Donna and I added more 'special friends' to our visitors list.

Bruce and I worked together and we soon discovered that we both loved the idea of watching our partners with other people. Bruce's wife Julia was quite prim and proper on the outside but he assured me she was an absolute slut in the bedroom and constantly craved sex. I wasn't convinced and in all the time I knew her she had never crossed the line or indicated that she would, however............

It was Christmas, and as usual my family headed off camping. Bruce and Julia weren't doing anything so I invited them to join myself and my extended family. The first day on the beach I couldn't help but look at Julia in her bikini, she was the total opposite to Donna, who was blonde, blue-eyed and petite. Julia was tall, buxom and brunette, not usually the type of woman that I was attracted to but I couldn't deny she had a gorgeous body.

Boxing Day found us chilling out around a bonfire on the beach. It was a great night and soon it became apparent that we were the only couples left. The location, drink and tension had us all pretty chilled out, Bruce had been acting like a sex starved maniac all evening and his groping of Julia was obvious to everyone. He whispered 'She's ready', and with that he grabbed Donna's hand and feigned some reason to walk along the beach......Donna just rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders as she left....leaving me to ponder whether this had been a set up?

Julia and I sat opposite each other and chatted for a while before she patted the sand beside her, beckoning me to join her...

Moving in beside her she placed her hand on my leg, we chatted a bit more, all the while I was conscious of her hand casually stroking my inner thigh and playing havoc with my cock. I put my arm in the small of her back and found bare skin where her blouse had ridden upwards. She didn't miss a beat as I began to lightly massage her spine. She let out a low moan as my hand ventured further around her back. At the same time her hand brushed the tip of my cock that was straining the crotch of my jeans.....she stroked the length of it...that was the signal for my hand to move around to her breast......she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipple was rock hard as I tweaked it with my fingers, she moaned again and her head collapsed into arms...we kissed. That was the signal...game on!

But before we got any further we were pulled out of our lust induced haze by voices......'Hi guys' said Bruce as we sat bolt upright adjusting our clothes...we looked as guilty as sin but Bruce and Donna didn't seem at all fazed by our appearance. It was then that I realised that it had been over an hour since they'd left for their walk.

Bruce was babbling on about some fishing trip we'd planned and before I knew it we were heading to our respective tents.

Bruce mentioned that he'd be over to get me in a moment....confused I crawled in beside Donna who was lying naked on our airbed...I was about to ask what was up, but Donna just put her fingers to my lips in a hushing gesture......Bruce came bursting through the tent flap and knelt down beside the bed....he didn't say a thing as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock....it was semi erect....it looked really thick. He just offered it to my wife who just as casually took it in her mouth.

My cock just leapt to attention....I needed no urging as I ripped my clothes off...it was dark in the tent and only the ambient night light allowed us to see each other...I turned our little bedside camping light on and positioned it so that there was just enough light for us to see....Donna was feasting on Bruce's thick cock which had reached full hardness, I was thrashing my own cock as I watched them both...I knelt between Donna's thighs and instantly smelt the aroma of her hot pussy...my tongue went to work on her clit...it was very wet and very hard...it was amazing as she arched her back as I ate her cunt..

Bruce and I swapped places....it was awesome to watch him eat her pussy...I knew I couldn't hold out and moaned loudly as I filled her mouth with my cum....I fell backwards as my cock went limp, Bruce stopped eating pussy and presented his cock to Donna's cunt...she pulled it deep inside her.....she came twice in a matter of minutes before Bruce pulled his cock out and offered it to her, she engulfed it just as he unloaded deep in her throat...I was in heaven as I watched the excess cum dribble from her mouth....wow, what a night!!!!