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walk in the park

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3 min
Published 9 years ago
just the other week while i was driving through one of the local parks on the river bank, i stopped under the shade of some trees to enjoy the breeze as it was a warm afternoon. just as i pulled up i saw a guy walking through the trees just ahead of me, i didnt think much of this as a lot of people do enjoy the walks in the park. while i was sitting there i saw a few more cars pull up, and a few guys got out. i did the same and started to explore the park. on my walk through the park i found a well used track which lead up a small hill into some thick bush. so up i went just exploring, at the top of this track it split into 2 different directions. i went left and there just in front of me i saw what looked like some discarded clothing. looking up i saw tha back of a guy who was standing naked with his hands in front of him. i could see what he was doinf and say hi. after a short while i said would you like a hand with that? turning round he smiled and said yes. well there in his hands was a nice sized cock re 7inches and thick. so i reached out my hand and we came closer, as i massaged his hard cock up and down the lenght of it. looking round i heard a noise and saw a shape comming up the track i had just climbed. turning to the guy i says someones coming. he mumbled something but i kept on massaging for all i was worth. well in fact it wasnt 1 guy there were 2. bi this time i had one hand on his cock and the other was weighing his tight balls. as i did so he moaned so i held them and gently squeezed them while with one finger inching my way past his balls and up to his arsehole. to my delight it was lubed up all ready for fun. i looked round and motioned for 1 of thbe guys to cum over and join us. he did and reached out for the hard cock as he took his cock out as well. i was fingering this well lubed hole and was enjoying it. dropping my shorts i reached round to grab a cock. as i did the 1st guy said wait i have a condom so stepping back he reached into his pocket and ripped out a condom and placed it over my hard cock, then truned round to face the other guy. in the mean time the 3rd guy was slowly wanking as he watched, the 1st guy bend over and make his hole open to me. slowly i slipped in his arse and it felt good. with the guy bent over i leaned over his back and grabbed the other guys cock to play with as i fucked away. mmm what an afternoon delight. me deep in arse and 2 other guys watching and wanking. the 1st guy had cum as i reached round to massage him this was my cue so holding onto his shoulders and started to pound this arse for all i was worth. soon i felt that feeling that only comes to a guy when he is bout to unload. grunting and groaning i filled the condom. just like that as soon as it was over we all went our own ways. thank you to the naked guy i hope to see you again...

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