16 Mar 2016

FACT: Want to get into me? Well the eating out of my horny pussy greatly increases the likelihood that “just this once” I will want you to fuck you raw! Past the teasing, past the innuendo, past the dirty talk. No more “just the tip” My pussy needs an eager tongue to come explore...

Pull up my dress and take what you want. It’s also exactly what I need...

I love the way your hands feel, roaming all over my body as you eat and I get so turned on sucking your cock that I have to have it inside of me. My games will be done. I didn’t know if you were teasing or serious, but now I am under you. You will spread me, and you will pierce me. I won’t be able to move, or change my mind, or push you out. You will pump me deep, hard and slow. You will make me scream, until one of my groaning orgasms coaxes your seed out of you, deep inside of me. And there I will hold you, you will feel the warmth of your sexual flood, I will stare deep into your wide, sweet eyes as you fill me...

He made me promise him ’…whatever happens keep me in tight, will you do that for me? he asked. Even if I try to pull out, I want your legs to tighten around me and dig your hands into my arse and pull me deeper!’ I promise, I said, as I guided his cock into my wanton, open pussy.

He was big, I had never been stretched like this before, his beautiful thick cock, slowly pushing all the way in. My wetness against his cock was a wondrous sensation. I could feel him pushing against my deepest parts. I felt his slick pre cum, oozing out of his cock and mixing into my pussy.

I opened my legs wider, willing his grinding hips to thrust his thick, bare shaft deeper into me. This was so wrong. On the site, when he asked, I had just meant us to meet for a simple coffee, But then he had turned me on, I let him finger me, I had squeezed and sucked his cock at the table and holy fuck, now here we were... The sexual sensations were intense and they quickly overcame us. Without realising it, we had both agreed to accept the risk… not ignore it. And here we now were, ecstatically fucking like we were meant to – raw and unprotected.

We continued to fuck, his bare cock was filling me completely, each thrust pressing the leaky head of his cock, spilling seed, up against my open cervix.

When he paused for a moment to spin me over, I realised this was the moment to stop, but instead, overcome by my lust, I open my legs wider and guided his bare thick shaft back into my slick cunt. It just felt so good taking him bareback...

As he pressed into me, I moaned, “I need your cock deep inside me, I need you all the way inside me… I need you to finish inside me…” I would love to feel your cum splash my insides.

He just looked into my eyes and said.. ““My cock is swollen full of cum ready to pop just for you, I am going to blow inside you right now!” I just have to.. he rolled his head back and let me have it all..

‘This is it’ I thought, myself moaning louder and clenching, grinding my pussy down on his cock, I was grabbing his arse, pulling him deep into me, such a slut with a man I had just met! He let out such a wild groan of ecstasy, nothing like I had ever heard before!

Yes baby. I willed him, pulled him. Blow it, lose control. Cum inside this body. Shoot all the cum from those sexy tight balls. I can feel your cock getting thicker. Shoot that hot creamy stuff deep inside my open pussy, fill my cunt. Watch me as my knees spread even farther apart on the bed. Ignore my begging earlier to pull out. Listen to my body, feel my need. Feel my pussy squeezing you, ready to milk every last drop. Watch as I curl my back and present my chest to you, my lover. You have my whole body, command me, I am dancing on your cock. Claim me, make me yours. Give me the ultimate creamy gift. Own my body, plant your seed....

My mouth fell agape in ecstasy as I felt his cock suddenly tense up and the first hot spurts of his load jetted forcefully onto my cervix. I instinctively pressed down as hard as I could on his throbbing shaft and took every drop as deep as possible

Rope after rope of his thick potent cum shot with such heated force into me, I could not help myself, I also began to orgasm, I opened wide, my cervix to his seed, inviting all of his cum into me with each of his delicious penetrating thrusts!

I just wanted this man’s stiff cock buried inside me forever, throbbing, jerking, pulsing, and spurting hot jets of his creamy cum into me. I lay back, revelling in the luxurious sensation, as thick, forceful spurts of his ejaculation continued to gush into me, the thick warm splash of his semen against my cervix as he pumped me full, He had filled me to overflowing, my arse cheeks and the bed sheets were soaked. I had just met him and I was now his cum-filled slut. He was still hard and I was still stuffed, full of his thick bare creamy cock.

He could fuck me again and again, I wanted to leave here, hours from now, simply soaked with his sperm. I wanted him to leak out of me for days…To spend my days with him leaking out of me.

I made it home hours later, you could not wipe the satisfied smile from my face. My husband knew immediately what I had done, ha-ha! I spent most of the weekend talking to people, while secretly leaking even more cum from my swollen, well fucked cunt.