Written by psolis

24 Aug 2013

I met Deadrie on a BBW meeting site. She made first contact with me , noting that in my profile i am interested in water sports (golden showers).

We spent a few hours chatting, spread out over a few nights. We established that a) i like BBW's .she is a size 18-20 5' 7"

brunette. b) that my last g/shower was years ago with my ex & that hers was about a year ago. c) we are both looking for no strings attached fun. d) that when we meet if either of us is not as we described ourselves or that either is uncomfortable, then a polite ," thanks -but no thanks " will do. & e) that although we agree to give each other a golden shower , sex is at her discretion.

We arranged to meet on a wed night at Glenelg. I picked her out straight away standing at our designated meeting spot. A nervouse hello & introductions , we went to cibo for a coffee. 20 minutes of chat , Deadrie said that she is interested if I am.

With a confident yes & 1.25 lt bottle of pepsi max busting to get out of me, she smiled & said "cool, lets go over to the pub for a couple of quick beers to fuel up."

Now I am not much of a beer drinker, but when she turned up with 4, pint glasses of beer, I knew that i would be pissing a river. We quickly downed them & headed to hers , a fast 5 minute walk away. As we entered her upstairs flat we headed straight for her bedroom where we undressed ourselves.

As I said I love BBW women which she is & as I watched her undress, her skirt & top falling to the floor , then she unclipping her bra which released a magnificent pair of GG titts, firm & full, I was having trouble holding my piss. She stepped out of her undies & bent over & retrieved from her bed side draws a pair of nipple clamps & a vibrator. She placed her nipple clamps on her titts, walked around to my side of the bed, grabbed my cock said "mmmmmmmmmm" & then led me to the bathroom by my double size cock. (well that is how big it felt).

She sat down in the shower alcove told me to hang on (remember I am busting a leak) & started using the vibrator on her self while tugging at the clamps. I am watching her excite herself while she is rubbing my cock & balls ocasionally taking them into her mouth without actually giving me a blowie.

All of a sudden she pulls my foreskin back & says "give it to me. give me all your warm golden juice" With that command I feel instant relief as I let my warm golden piss run all over her. She is pounding the vibrator into her pussy vilently as my piss is cascading over beautiful big curvy body. She puts her face close to my dick so as to cop a full facial even opening her mouth to taste it. She places her head so it wets her lovely long black hair, & then directs me to piss on her titts , belly , fanny & her nice big round ass. As I am running out she begins to climax & with a loud shriek & uncontrollable spasms she cums on the shower floor.

It seemed as I pissed for a good ten minutes & a good ten litres, but as you could well imagine it only lasted a minute or so & pissed probably 1 &1/2 - 2 litres. It just felt longer.

I sat beside her in my warm piss & allowed her to catch her breath. I was stroking my dick , then she took over firstly stroking it then sucking it. She didn't bring me to orgasam but sensed my arousal. Deadrie stood up , placed one foot on the foot rest tile, spread her fanny & let her warm juices run. It started as a trickle, just leaking between her pussy lips, but quickly built up into a full flow. I allowed it to flow over my head & down my chest & back, nice & golden & warm. like me she pissed for what seemed ages , & gallons.. I too exploded ,just as she finished , blowing what felt like the biggest load i have ever dropped.

Deadrie squatted down, straddling me & looking into my eyes said "thank you" & planted a most passionate kiss on me. She had made the decision, We quickly showered , dried off & went to her bedroom where we spent the next 4 hours having the most intense sex I have ever had ,& I dare say she , going by the amount of times we both cum.