Written by Openminded69

31 Jul 2011

The first time my gf and I had guy watch we were in our early 20s,the house we were renting was being painted by an older guy rnd 45yo,we had gone into bedroom as he was painting window trim on outside I had taken her top off and her tits were out, we looked up to see him smiling she layed on bed as I started to undo her pants you could see his hard cock thru his overalls, I waved to him to come in an few seconds later he was standing beside bed looking at her tits, I pulled of her pantys and looked up he had his cock out n was wanking saying to her she had lovely tits n hot lookin pussy,she sucked me off as he wanked then spun around on her back n spread her legs in front of him and played with her pussy, it was hot watching him wank hard n looking at her then he said how he would love to cum ova her pussy I was wanking and told him to do it, with his cock just an inch away from her pussy he stared to wank really hard n said he was cumming it was the hottest thing watching this guy cum all ova her pussy he covered it in hot cum as I came ova her tits,after he had left we fucked sayin how exciting it was!! I had said to her it woudve been hot to see him touch her n watch her play with his cock,the next day we were in kitchen n called him in n had quick chat bout how hot it was y/day n that he stopped on way home to have a wank thinking of it,I started to lift up her top asking him if he wanted to feel her tits within a second he was playing with them I pulled my cock out n wanked watching him touch my gf n seen he hand on his cock thru his overalls we made it to bedroom n had all stripped of as I looked ova n saw her pulling his cock it was so hot to watch I wad playing with her pussy an said to him he should feel how wet she is I was wanking hard as he run his hand dwn her body an onto her pussy,he moaned n said how sexy she was I was just bout to cum watchin them play with each other she was rubbing his cock ova her tits n he said he was going to cum she moved up the bed grabbed his cock again n rubbed it ova her pussy as he was cumming which set me off as I added mine on there as well that was ova ten yrs ago n we still love having guys watch she looks so sexy covered in another guys cum......