13 Nov 2019

After a few visits to a friends place (don’t ring, just drop in they said) and not being able to find them at home, I eventually decided (after seeing both cars in the drive and knowing someone must certainly be home), to go around the side of the house to the backdoor to try to raise them (maybe they could not hear the front door bell?). Well what a surprise! I was just at the corner of the house and caught movement out of the side of my eye, and stopped immediately as I registered what I was seeing. The wife was bent forwards over the kitchen sink and hubby was behind her fucking her from the rear. It was mid morning but they were obviously just arisen, and still in their nightwear. Her nightie was lifted up to expose her ass, giving hubby access to fuck her from behind, and her nightie top was now around her waist exposing her buxom breasts, which were now dangling into the sink and being kneaded expertly by hubby. I froze so that any movement by me did not draw their attention, and that need to remain frozen became agony, as I could not reach down to expose my hard cock so I could wank to what I was seeing. Torture! Delightful but absolute torture! I watched then have long slow sensual sex for about 20 minutes enjoying everything I saw. Then as it was clear they were finishing up I retreated and rang the front doorbell again, this time raising them. We spent an hour or so chatting and looking around their garden together, and I left later with them not aware I had been watching them have sex together over their kitchen sink.