Written by darkstud

6 May 2013

Once in a lifetime experience for me. Sometimes we get lucky and can witness some hot steamy sex very unexpectedly. On a cool July afternoon a few years ago, I was walking in a park near my house when I heard some strange noises. Quiet moans as I listened more attentively. Peering in the direction they came through some undergrowth, I could see flesh, fairly well hidden from the world but not quite well enough for me. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the vegetation and slowly spread the tiny branches. A few yards away were two girls no older than their early twenties. One had light chocolate skin with dark brown nipples on her breasts. Her tits were huge melons.The other was blonde with a freckled face and tiny tits.

They were passionately kissing each other and pulling at each other's nipples. It was like watching a slow motion sex film. The first girl then had her thumb in the other's cunt. The white girl was breathing heavily and her mouth was wide open. Monosyllables flowed out from their mouths but they didn't form words. She stopped to exhale loudly occasionally. The fingers of the dark girl were moving from side to side now and I will not easily forget the look of total fascination in her eyes. She looked at her friend as if she was setting eyes on her for the first time. Now the second girl had her eyes shut and was concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving, savouring every moment.

The first girl, the one with brown nips was using her fingers to go, as it were, up and round in the mouth of her friend's cunt and then from side to side. Gradually she moved her hand up her crack until her longest finger was just touching the other's clit. She gave a sudden lubricating spit at her cunt and pulled her hand up between her legs.

The second girl started to work at her friend's nips again, rolling her fingers on them. They looked very hard and she was certainly breathing heavy. The first girl's head was down when suddenly the pair turned round and kissed each other hard. The second now spat on her fingers and her finger against the wall of her vagina looked so small. I remember being so struck by how big she suddenly seemed down there. I was getting hard and I gently started stroking my hard dick. Girl one's fingers were doing complete circular movement on her cunt. Girl two's mouth was opened in an oval and her mouth was open and two fingers were working. Everything was faster and neither seemed to know now exactly what they were doing. They seemed to be feeling around randomly and desperately for the nearest sex organ. Quite suddenly I thought the impromptu show was over because they stopped but that was only to change positions. They pulled away from each other and both started urgently frigging themselves their fingers working faster and faster. It was funny watching them gain speed because they looked posssessed. During the whole play, I heard so few words that I can still remember them. Girl two said "I want to see you come first" but immediately exploded herself. "Shit," she said and at same the moment, Girl two came as well. They weren't very demonstrative orgasms........ no shuddering, no momentarily bleary eyes looking nowhere, but orgasms they undoubtedly were. I could feel it from watching there.

Their hands fell to their sides and they first looked at their own cunts "I'm so swollen," said girl one. And she was. And the pair looked at each other's cunts with the sort of total fascination you would expect from girls who had never seen another's pussy before. Perhaps they hadn't, perhaps this really was a first. I doubt it somehow but it was great feeling free porn. I had such a huge bulge that I had to release my cock and pull it out of my shorts. As I stroked my erect pole vigorously, I exploded on the grass and filled the place with my white gel. Relieved and staisfied, I quietly moved away without being noticed. Little would the girls have realised that they just had a 3some experience!