9 Nov 2019

I was travelling to visit family once and it was a hot summer's day, when I noticed a sign to a waterfall. I thought it would make a nice refreshing break, but little did I know how much this would prove to be true. I reached a small gravel carpark at the end of a dirt road surrounded by forest, and followed the walking track which led to the waterfall. The track was actually along side a small gorge, and there was not one but a series of waterfalls in this gorge. I was only half way to the main falls when I could hear giggling and splashing, and approached the edge of the gorge to see three teenage girls having a shower under a waterfall. I crouched and watched for a while, unable to believe my eyes! I searched around and was able to work out a way down into the gorge, so carefully and quietly climbed down between the rock boulders which lined the sides of the gorge. When I reached the bottom I stripped off behind a large boulder, and carefully approached the girls. I revealed myself to them and was delighted by their reaction, as they simply invited me to join their fun. We all showered beneath the waterfall and rubbed and caressed each others bodies using water as lubrication. After a while we all left the waterfall behind and lay on the nearby flat rocks together, and the girls treated me to a massage with 3 pairs of inexperienced but excited hands. Whilst they were exploring every nook and cranny of my body with their hands, mine were free to slide up between each of their legs and massage their pussy lips. I then used my fingers to carefully penetrate their pussies, again just using the water's wetness as lubrication. One of the girls got way too excited and decided I needed a fast and furious blow-job, which ended way too quickly and spoilt what could have been a slower and more leisurely climax. We all spent a few hours piled up in the sun in a heaving, soft, warm mass of pulsating satisfied bodies.