9 Dec 2015

A complete stranger got a surprise when his hand reached my wife’s ass, under her skirt, and found her beautiful arse cheeks bare. The rest of us were outside enjoying the weather, the beers, and BBQ in the backyard whilst she stole him off to a bedroom up on the second floor.

“We don’t have time to waste,” she moaned as she felt his fingers push past her gusset and bury deep into her inviting pussy.

She opened his pants and pulled out his large stiff cock that she was now craving. She pushed him back onto the bed, climbed onto his lap and mounted him, she urgently buried his fat veined erection into her wet pussy, swallowing his entire length in one swallow.

“Good god, your dick is perfection, I’m almost there already,” my wife whispered, riding him hard, trying desperately to suppress her groans.

“Me too, your cunt is so tight, I'm gonna cum! I need to pull out, suck my cock, baby!” He tried to push my wife off his now pulsing , bulging cock but instead she sat harder, sqealed, "No fucking way" locked herself down hard and rolled her hips, riding and grinding on his cock rapidly.

“Fuck baby! Fuck me hard, Oh god, I'm cuming in you, aaaargh!” He pushed her down by the shoulders himself, he then grabbed at her breasts, his cock went off! shooting thick ribbon after thick ribbon of hot pulsing creamy cum, into my wife’s hungry, juicy pussy. She climaxed at the same time, the intense flooding seminal heat, on her cunt walls, turning her on, bringing her off hard!

One minute, his thick cream load was inside his balls and now it’s plastered deep inside your wife’s sexy cunt… She love's a huge intense, delicious, cream load !!!

“You aren’t gonna clean your cunt ?” He causally questioned as she rolled off his semen lathered cock. She kept moving and bending over, flashed her pounded dripping cunt and sexy arse. She retrieved from her bag and slipped on, her sweet cotton panties.

“My husband just loves me this way,” she answered over her shoulder, blowing him a quick kiss as she walked out. She came downstairs, a sexy smile on her sweet face, to rejoin the rest of us, back in the yard.

We arrived home later. I immediately noticed the wobbling of her sexy breasts, suggesting she had naughtily removed her bra. She stood tall in front of me and seductivly pulled down and stepped out of her pencil skirt, leaving just her cotton panties, standing there, sexily waiting for me to pull them down and take them off.

I gently pulled them down, whilst giving her a quizzical look. She simply told me to keep going and I would find out her naughty truth, soon enough.

I was greeted with her white panty gusset absolutely soaked with cum. I dropped down to my knees and she opened her legs a little, to show me her sweet fucked pussy. With her panties removed and legs spreading, it was then that her cunt could no longer contain the thick and heavy cum any longer and a large creamy dollop drooled down from her cunt and landed on the floor between her feet. She knows I prefer her pussy, filled to overflowing, sexily and slutily, wetly lubricated with other men’s cum.

You can see there’s still cum in there, its still so hot and creamy, if you want to stick me, baby, she said. smiling down at me...

I fucked her, I sunk my cock into her cum-filled pussy, and I fucked her, fucking hard! I was so excited, I could not contain myself, I exploded, pumping my own load into the thick heavenly mixture, only minutes later.

I want my wife to have her pussy filled to overflowing with cum everyday, either by me, someone else or everyone else, I really don’t care!

I love to know my wife gets wet thinking about someone else!

Let me know, in the comments.section, if it would turn you on to have your own wife admitting to you, she had let someone else touch her, finger her or even fuck her!