7 Dec 2015

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We needed it. We needed each other. Our hands roaming across, naughtily touching each other. But it really all got out of control once Shona's lacy underwear was pushed down her thighs and tossed loose on the car floor, I started fingering Shona in her car seat. Shona needed touching so badly. Shona was really wet and horny and we both knew it. I drove my fingers deep. We had been talking about, what turns each of us on, for so long as we drove. I teased Shona's sticky pussy mercilessly, stroked her slick slit, talked utter filth at her until finally she rolled her glazed eyes backwards, pushed her arse off the seat and orgasmed!

My sweet Shona slowly recovered from her bucking orgasm and began her naughty revenge, she leant over to tease me. She leaned in and sucked wetly on the head of my cock. She was drooling on me as she sucked my cock, lustily stroking my drool covered cock vigorously, to get me all hot and bothered. I lost the plot and finally pulled over the side of the road to give her what she really wanted. I dragged Shona from the car, I bent her over the bonnet and shoved my rigid cock deep inside her open, wanting and bare naked, glistening pussy, I began to thrust at her arse. Groaning wildly as Shona moaned beneath me. I was enjoying the feel of my hands upon her arse and back, my bareback cock buried in her cunt. I thumbed her little puckered twitching brown hole. Shona fucked me back, burying herself on that swollen hard cock.

My thrusts were hard, rough and deliberate. Just what Shona needed. She needed to feel me taking her, pounding her. I could feel my "cock claim" on her cunt, I owned it!. Shona came so hard on me. Over and over. She smuttily begged for more, sweetly enjoying the feel of my rigid cock, throbbing and swollen, deep inside of her and I certainly could not get enough me into her body, but I really tried!

There was still the hot thrill, for us both, of being caught, out in the open. knowing full well we could get arrested if prudish people saw us. It didn’t matter though. I needed her body right now, and Shona needed mine.

Thankfully no one interrupted us and I orgasmed hard inside her body, pumping torrents of my thick horny cum all over the hot walls of her cunt. Thrusting harshly until finally I came to shuddering halt. I pressed my cock deep and full inside Shona, sealing her cunt lips tight on my organ, trying to keep all my creamy cum trapped inside her body, my flood, however, would not all hold in her cunt and thick runs dribbled down the inside of Shona's legs. We glowed in pure orgasmic bliss. Enjoying the ribald fucking session. We could only grin and shift, then collapse. Giggling softly as we enjoyed each other’s embrace exhausted, sweating embrace.

It wasn’t until we could finally move a few minutes later that we began to look for our underwear...