Written by Openminded69

4 Dec 2011

We have had alot of fun but most are arranged meets,the best times are the unexpected.we had been at a friends wedding and had gotten a hotel in the town for the weekend,we had a long night and called a taxi and chatting about having fun in the spa! The taxi arrived and got in and on way chatting to the driver and the subject turned to saying he would've seen some sites driving,he was older guy in early 50s,my gf looked at me and knew what I was thinking!after saying about our night I told the guy we were going back to have fun in the spa and he said half our luck with that I said maybe he should watch us!he said he wished ,I just pulled down my gfs dress and pulled her tits out as she moved down her dress more and said look in his mirror and said would he like to cum on them! Hr said yes and was ready to go, we were about 10mins from hotel and I started rubbing her pussy telling him she was wet and she was!! We pulled up and got in room and straight away stripped her off as he pulled out his cock and was wanking looking at her on the bed legs spread playing with herself !! I was rock hard thinking of him cumming on her so told him to stand beside the bed as we fucked and cum on her tits,I asked her if she wanted him to touch her tits and she reached out and pulled his cock do he started rubbing her tits as I fucked her then said he was cumming and shot a huge load over her, it ran all over her as I fucked her and she snd him were rubbing it in which set me off so I pulled out and cum on her pussy as he watched,it was the hottest time wr had in awhile he straightened up and thanked us again and just hope we can do it again real soon.