Written by naughtycplefor4

22 Feb 2011

My Playmate Lisa and I (Al) have been working and playing together for over 5 years and we try to fuck at every opportunity. In my office before, during and after work was always convenient but seeing I recently changed company its been a bit more difficult to organise a rendezvous.

These days we try to get together for a few drinks once a week and recently we organised a lunch at the local motor boat club. Not having been there before we had no idea what to expect.... but a heaving restaurant with barely space to sit and talk wasn't our cup of tea. We organised a seafood platter and a bottle of wine and quickly devoured both. We both had a few hours to kill before going back to our families so decided to go to the verandah and order another bottle of wine. While I was doing that Lisa went to the bathroom and met me on the verandah.... we were the only ones out there so started to talk frankly about what we wanted to do with each other. Lisa then opened her legs and showed me that she had removed her panties and displayed her smooth and very wet cunt . She then told me she needed a good hard fucking master!... This is a little game we play when we're ready to fuck as she is TOTALLY submissive and allows me to do virtually anything to her... Not even her own husband knows what a dirty little slut he married and she loves going home feeling dirty and used and smelling of cum.... A small bruise or bite mark in a "hidden" area is always requested so can keep thinking of our fuck session.

After another half an hour of dirty talk, wine and her squirming in her seat I said "Time to Fuck dirty girl... Follow me". With that we left the club got into our cars and we drove to a large park not far from the club. We pulled up next to each other in the abandoned carpark and i told her to get into my car... by the time she opened the door the seat was reclined and she got straight in, layed down, lifted her skirt and spread her knees so i could feel her wetness.

She immediately moaned as i rubbed her clit then slid in a finger... my left hand came over to hold her pussy open with her clit standing proud and as i fingered her with my right hand my left forefinger flicked and pressed her clit... within seconds i slid two finger in her and started sliding my fingers in and out of her just slightly exiting her then plunging back in. she had that glazed look and started to moan a little as I asked if my little sex slut was having fun yet... she smiled and opened her legs wide and said uh huh... keep doing THAT!.. I started to ramp up the speed and was fingering her fast and hard and i could feel her pussy get hot and open right up and that familiar warm "gush". Lisa had glazed over by now and was just saying fuck me master, fuck my dirty slut hole hard!.. I said, in a minute, haven't finished with you yet.

I continued to flick and rub her clit and entered 3 then 4 fingers and was completely ramming my hand into her wetness as my thumb hit her clit on eack stroke! By this time we were sweating like mad in the enclosed space and Lisa had pulled her legs up so I could use her as much as I could. I was fingering so hard and she moaning out words like Fuck, Hot, Friction, Pain, Good, Cumming and then she exploded all over my hand but I continued to pump in and out so hard that her pussy was squelching and cum was spattering all over my seats and floormats..... I pulled my hand out and it was coated so much with cum it looked like I dipped into it a tub of icrecream.

Lisa, Being the obedient slut that she is quickly sat up, grabbed my hand and licked her cum off me. she looked over to feel my bulge and said Now it's yr turn..... I said i'm going to fuck you hard... follow me.

With that I got out of the car and said come with me.. leave everything here. We virtually ran to the public toilets and I got there first to check if anyone was in there.... no one present, so she followed me to the last cubicle I told her to get in and while I looked the door, which was only chest height anyway, she had bent herself over and hitched up her skirt and held onto the water pipe. I unzipped, pulled my cock out and with one swift movement was up to my balls in drenched pussy. She was so wet and open she was oozing cum and I slid my thumb into her arse..... She softly said no... as She always does!, but i started reaming her arse with my thumb as I pumped her with hard strokes.... Then without notice I just took my cock out of her pussy and slid my slimy hard dick right into tight arsehole.... She said "no" a little louder as I continued to pump her but then she groaned and pushed her arse back onto me... a sign that she was relaxed enough so i could start pumping harder. We thought we heard someone enter the toilets so stopped for a few seconds and resumed once there was no noise... I grabbed her hip and hair and pumped and slapped into her like there was no tommorow until I spurt jets of cum into her now relaxed bum!

I pulled out and she finally sat down to relieve her stiff legs and worn cunt and let my cum dribble out of her arse... She grinned at me and said "You're such a good Master, you know exactly what I need".... I washed my cock in the sink outside the cubicle and said, "you're such a good sex slut, You're ready for a Gangbang!