Written by Matt

30 Mar 2019

The afternoon kicked off with a group of us at a mates place having a bbq, we where all out side drinking and having a laugh and just enjoying the day.

After a few beers the conversation started to heat up and we all started talking dirty.

My mate and I thought we would get naked, exposing ourselves and see what happens. It was liberating and his wife decided to join in and striped off, we were admiring each other’s assets, my mates good size cock and his wife’s tight pussy with a neatly shaved racing stripe, along with her nice tits.

It wasn’t long before the others joined in, some just down to sexy underwear and others getting naked.

As it got dark we all started dancing in the lounge with the lights dimmed.

My other mate went to bed and left his wife with us, she asked if I would show her some Salsa moves, which I was more than happy to. She had a matching purple bra and panty set and was looking fkn hot.

I showed her a few basics and then slowly put them together, during this I could feel her soaking wet pussy grinding on my leg, and with a simple spin I was behind her, my hard throbbing cock pressed in between her ass cheeks, it was so hot and went on for a bit.

We stopped for a beer and a break, my mates wife saw how hard I was, she decided to come up to me in the kitchen, swiftly touched my pulsating cock, turned around and bent over, showing me that beautiful pussy and tight asshole and said “I bet you would love fuck this” and with a cheeky smile went back to the group.

There was another couple there who I didn’t know that well but convinced them to get naked, this lady wanted to learn Salsa to, so I obliged, still horny from before. We started dancing, lights went dim again, I wasn’t going to waste another opportunity, so I touched her breasts gently, she was skidish but keep letting me, I moved down her body until I got to her pussy, she grabbed my hand and put between her legs, she was soaking wet, she put her hand behind her back and fondelled and wanked my throbbing cock, her husband had decided to go home at this point but was ok with what was happening.

After a few minutes of rubbing and fingering her wet hole she took me to the couch, got on her knees and sucked and worked my cock, I was close to blowing but managed to hold on. I stopped her and took her outside on to the lawn, got her on all fours, pulled her hair and fucked her hard, as I was about lose it, I stood up, spun her around, grabbed her hair again and came all over her face and tits, it was unreal. We did fuck a few more times inside until she decided to go home as well.

It was a great bbq