Written by traceydavid

13 May 2013

This is my second story

Wife and i were sitting back one afternoon when a friend of mine turned up.

The wife had been playing for a while with him but only little things like flashing boobs and shaking about a bit for a couple of weeks. We decided one night to go for a drive as we have kids here so all 3 of us get into the car and go up the road not far for a nice little private spot in the bush we all jumped into the back of the car and wife was in the middle as we were playing with her she looks at my mate and says well come on make me happy she is already half naked from the waist down and as wet as usual he strips off and lays across back seat as I get in the front seat to give then some room to play and as he slips into her she said well I would like to try both of you at once to spread my pussy as she turned over and was on top of my friend I got in the back door behind her we tried to give her 2 at once but she was too tight and could not handle it so I thought well there is somewhere else anal and as I tried she screamed no way and I pulled away so I let my mate finish as he cum we never waste a drop so he come in her then she said to me your turn now give it to me as we swapped positions I slipped in I could still feel my mates cum in her nice and warm I gave it to her doggie style which I knew she loved did not take me long after watching my mate do her I was as horny as hell just watching as we finished she said is that all we said well wait till you get home the next morning she was still asleep I could tell she did not get much sleep as I realised my mate was still on the other side of her he was still asleep. I gave her a kiss and said behave for the day and went to work. She said my mate left at about 1.30pm. She told me they had played most of the day but that is another story

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