Written by loverlooking

7 Jun 2011

A place called WOW in Collingwood for couples and single females only.

Went there this night with my lover who simply loves to be watched as she is taken.

We had played with each other in the public room before deciding to have a drink in the bar, whilst sitting there a young couple walked in, around maybe 20 years of age..The girl was looking very nervous. I noted this to my lady.

We went for a spa and the young couple hopped in she had a bikini on as most first timers do we talked for a while and i said to her in particular that all have to do is watch if you don’t want to play she seemed to be ok with that, we then got out of the spa as we did she commented on my cock that it looked nice, i thanked her and we left to play with a mate of mine up stairs.

A little later i needed a drink and my lady was in full flight so i went down stairs to have a drink and thought whilst here id go into the wet sauna and have a perv and a quiet wank as i walked in and to the back, here was this young girl her partner , he being sucked off by a mature woman she had his dick all the way down her throat the young girl was on the floor dripping wet nude and licking the older woman’s pussy i stood there just having a wank watching this when i felt the girls hand come up my leg to start to play with my now hard dick to see her going ape on this ladies pussy was so hot she slowly arched her back and let go of the pussy in front of her to turn to me and say put that in me she then went back to licking as i slowly got down behind this cute ass slid my fingers down her ass hole to her absolutely sopping pussy . As i touched her clit she arched her back and let a growl out her pussy was open like a flower and her lips felt so full i slowly slid my cock into her just the tip she tried to push back but i pulled away just to tease then i slid my cock in just a little more and back out to tease that bit more by now she was growling all the time i slammed into her fast and deep she was not expecting it and slipped off the lady’s pussy in front of her i pulled out so the tip of my dick was just inside her then slowly slid back in. I stayed in her this time for what seemed ages then started to slowly fuck her could feel her hand on my cock and her playing with her clit all this as i watched the lady sucking her partner. The girl started to grind on me cuming very hard with in a minute of me entering her i could feel her cumm dribbling down my legs she was grunting and squealing fuck fuck fuck as she came. This must have set her partner off as he started to cum in the older lady’s mouth not sure if the older lady came i was to busy trying not to cum the girl slid off my very wet and now engorged dick as i stood up the older lady and the girl began to both lick and suck my dick this was way to much for me and started to cum the older woman was milking my dick into the young girls mouth then tried to suck out the last drops i had to pull away way to sensitive for that we all sat and thanked each other after witch i went to meet my partner and told her what had just happened she was so jealous that she didn’t get involved. This story is true and is to this day one of my best memories of swinging