8 Sep 2019

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I travel a lot for work and two weeks ago was in Auckland for a conference. I was having breakfast at a funky little cafe where I had been each day of the trip. As a social person I got to know the owner, a 40 something hottie - lets call her Kelly. Each day Kelly wore a short flowy dress which promoted her beautiful cleavage.

We got on very well but that said, I noticed she got on well with everyone so I was nothing special, until she gave me a napkin with her ph number on it - which I was stunned by. As I walked out she motioned with her hand and mouthed "call me".

That was my last day and I was leaving the next morning so I waited till around 10:30 (thought that was a good time as the rush would be over) and called her. I said "Kelly its Nick". She said "wait a second" and walked out side to take the call. Then she said, "I am sooo glad you called. I know you're leaving tomorrow and I want to have a drink with you. Actually you know what Nick, I want more than that." Im stunned by now. Ok I said, "why don't you just come to my hotel this afternoon around 5:30?" "I'll be there she said" and hung up.

That was the longest and most unproductive day of my life. Then 5:00 comes and I rush back to the hotel to get prepared - you know, shower, make the bed, pick up the shit thats lying around to make it look like I am neat and tidy. Half way through my spring clean I get a sms, "Im here, sorry I'm early" - FUCKKKK. "No problem, come to room 512, Ill let concierge know you are coming so they can let you in" was my response.

I opened the door and there was Kelly, absolutely stunning. She had been home and changed into another flowy dress and smelt heavenly. Im fairly tall (6'2) and she is short so she looked up with these massive blue eyes then launched at me. She started to kiss me like we had been together before. It was so passionate. We stumbled backwards and landed on the couch. She stopped and said, "am I being too forward", like Im going to say yes to that. "No of course not" I spattered almost incoherently. Then she launched again.

She started to unbutton my shirt and was rubbing her hands all over my chest. My cock was so big it almost breaking through my suit pants and was starting to hurt. I had to sort this out. I rolled over and picked her up and walked over to the bed and dropped her on it, then started to undo my pants. She quickly came over to help and grabbed by cock and started to suck it, which is exactly what it needed - to be kissed.

I was so horny I knew I wasn't going to last long so I pushed her onto her back and jumped in under that dress and to my surprise, there were no undies, so started to return the favour by kissing and licking that beautiful pussy of hers. It was stunning, neat, smooth, and smelled amazing. I stayed there for sometime as I could tell from the moaning that she was loving it. She came not just once, but three times whilst I was down there, and there was a lovely amount of squirting that showed up - hmmmm - Im hard as a rock just thinking about it.

Now its time to show her what this cock can do. I quickly ran and got my emergency cover (should never leave home with out one) and away we went. Doggie to start, then she ripped off her dress to release a stunning set of D's with nice long nipples, and jumped on top. That beautiful pussy of hers just engulfed my rock hard cock and she started use those pelvic muscles to squeeze. It was amazing.

I obviously didn't last long but my cock wasn't finished and stood proud wanting more. We kept at it for about an hour. Kelly had a shower got dressed and then said, "I have to go and pick up my husband. Call me when you are back" gave me a kiss and took off.

So now I am trying to convince work that I need to go back - quickly - no joy on that at this stage but I promise to share when I do.

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