30 May 2016

Arrive at house to be greeted at door by sensual

passionate kiss. Led inside and straight to bedroom

Door closed behind me. He grabs me and kisses me

again. Slowly our kisses get more vibrant and needy

He lowers my dress to reveal my breasts. He sees

my nipples and starts to lick and nibble on them.

My fingers run down his naked torso and I start to

undo his shorts lowering them to ground. His excitement

staring back at me. I grab his cock in my hand and start caressing it. His hand runs down my body and his.finger start to play with me.

Then it finds is way into my now drenched pussy.

He rubs a.bit faster and makes me cum. I sink to edge of bed and then take his hard cock in my mouth for a bit. He gets excited and pushes me onto bed and spreads my legs, his tongue meets my clit with such enthusiasm. His fingers find his way inside as he licks and teases. He feels me quivering and jumps up on bed beside me and thrusts his hard cock down my wanting throat. His hand behind my head lightly pushing all the while rubbing my clit. I start to climax again and juices flowing just as his thick cum runs down my throat and I swallow all his yummy juice. We lay beside each other chatting. Within a minute his hand is on my ass fingers playing in my soaked pussy. My excitement building I start to moan. He jumps up behind me and enters me, big thrusts pulling at my hips to go really deep. While thrusting his finger finds my ass. He sees I'm getting very turned on and so is he. His hands back on my hips he thrusts again and let's out a little moan as his cum leaks into my pussy and combines with mine.

We slump to bed and snuggle for few mins to gain our composure. Again few minutes more and my hand finds his hard cock again so I eagerly wrap my lips around it. I lick and tease and can feel his cock stiffen and start to bulge with each suck. This turns him on so much he asks for my pussy again. My legs part and he jumps straight on me and starts thrusting. After a sec he lifts my legs and wets his cock with my juices and slowly rubs his cock on my ass. Finally I relax and he slowly enters me. With each thrust he gets more excited.. He twists my body to side and keeps thrusting. Now he is pumping my ass hard and fast. I'm fighting pleasure and pain but was so wet and excited. Finally one last thrust and I can feel his warmth oozing from my ass.

We are both spent. We snuggle for few mins before I get dressed and leave so he can sleep for work.

In car driving back and wasn't ready for home so I drop into a.local park. Sit down at a table. I was in a dress without panties. I could still feel cum oozing from both holes and I could still taste him. Not realizing anyone was there, a girl got up from darkness and went to her car and drove away. Still thinking was alone in dark. I lay down on seat and open legs to feel cool breeze on my hot pussy. A few minutes passed and a guy walks past and says hi, I apologized and put legs down. He smiled. I asked him if lady was with him and he said yes. He stated that she got scared of being caught sucking him when I sat down. I again apologized. As he was standing behind my head he said that is ok and I could see the swelling in pants start to twitch. He moved closer and said that now he will have to go home and play. All the while he was looking at my exposed pussy as I hadn't realized my dress was still up. He said do u mind mentioning towards it. He stops just short of my head and drops his pants, releases his hard cock and thrusts it down my throat. He leans forward and puts his hand on my pussy. Starts rubbing my already engorged clit. He is about to cum and wants more so he moves away from my mouth and puts on condom and starts fucking me with force. My head still slightly off the park bench I feel him tense and say hi. Another guy turned up. Next thing I feel a cock on my face. He starts thrusting into my mouth too. So a happy girl being fucked by too guys. Guy fucking my pussy cums and walks away and other guy takes his place. The first guy then leans over my face and whispers I know you and will send you a message later. He walks away. Second guy cums and now I have more juice running out of my pussy. All the while I'm unsure who first guy was .. I leave park with huge grin and a yearning to know who was the first guy who knew me.