27 Dec 2016

When Shona sent me the text message asking me if I could come by her home, I could hardly tell her, no! Not when she had asked me “oh so sweetly” She was such a deviant thing, the last occasion I had fucked her. Her sexual craving, her need for more, I couldn’t help myself, Shona had been, after all, beautifully insatiable. I had been totally drained, I had sweated and been screwed like never before. As soon as she had sent me on my way, I knew I had to keep coming back for more. I knew I was playing with fire. I was like a moth, lead and coaxed to Shona’s sexual flame. I couldn’t help it. She needed cock, and frankly, my cock was more than willing to agree to her incredible, insatiable, need.

When I had arrived at her place, there had been a note on the door, telling me where to look for the key. I had nearly missed it, I was so excited.

My heart raced as I slid the key into the lock. It opened smoothly; I pulled the note off the door. It wasn’t like we needed any other party crashing at this time. I locked the door behind me.

I looked about, from left to the right, and down the entry way, I noticed the bed room and the ensuite doors both cracked open. I set both the key and the note on a table and stepped further inside. I gently kicked off my shoes and undressed as I walked.

As I moved down the entry, I knew I should have called out. I should have said something, but I didn’t. My curiosity, my excitement was getting the better of me, I couldn’t be sure where Shona was, until I realised the shower was running,

Moving through her bedroom, my hand reached outward to touch the door to the ensuite, just as the shower water shut off. I heard the water dripping down, and I gently knocked and pushed open the door. I found Shona; she was stepping out of the shower, in her naked womanly glory. She was reaching for a towel. She looked over at me in mild surprise, just for a second. Then suddenly there was an undisguised look of hunger overtaking her demeanour. I could see it in her beautiful eyes. Shona dropped her towel, exposing herself, totally.

I knew, as she exposed herself, what she truly wanted from me. She was in sweet need of me to fuck her. She made my cock pulse in my remaining pants. She didn’t say anything as she approached me. She was still dripping wet, her hair still tussled. I needed her now myself, right now!

I had not been surprised when she had reached for my pants. I have fucked her before, undoing my belt, her experienced fingers, working my zipper down. She tugged my pants down and drove her hands into my underwear. She eagerly freed my cock. She lowered her gaze down to it. She licked her lips as I pressed forward, eager for her hot mouth. Shona stroked my cock a few times. Making sure I was good and hard. She purred softly, at the feel of my erection, her fingertips tracing along my length. She expertly teased my sensitive head, and licked me, looking up at me, seductively, between the head and the shaft itself. She listened to me groan out loud. She then let go of my cock, as she stood up and pulled me in close. Her arms reached up, to hook around my neck.

She lifted one leg up onto my hip, and wrapped her leg around my waist. As Shona pulled me into that hot embrace, I pushed, shifting forward. I took control; I pushed her up against the wall. She grunted, my hands slid downward to lift both her legs. I pulled her up off the ground. She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly; she urgently reached between us to grasp my cock. She really needed my cock, she was so fucking wet, and not from the shower! Shona need no foreplay, just fucking. This was just what she craved. I reviled in her urgent excitement, I loved the way she drove my hard cock back and forth in her sticky, excited, wetness. She teased her clit and cunt lips, before she could wait no longer. Shona leaned up and collapsed down, jamming down hard on my erection. She forced my hard cock to impale her completely. Finally her sexy arse was pressing down, smashed onto my balls.

Shona groaned loud with a hungry approval, she ground down, before clenching her legs tightly around my waist. She pushed back against the wall, and with that queue she provided, I fucked her back, Shona wanted me to fuck her, she was “On Heat”. I began to thrust in and out. I was rolling my hips side to side, in smooth driving circles. She groaned against me, moaning deliriously as she also fucked back onto me, harder and harder.

She kept up that vigorous grinding against me, driving my erection deeper and deeper, within her needy cunt. Shona was getting desperate for her sexual release. And orgasm she did, her orgasm, the first blinding orgasm, came and went, followed by the wild and bucking second. I buried my face into her neck. I was biting her, biting along her soft skin. She moaned out and held my face against her neck, she then arched her back, to have me get at her breasts, her nipples. She needed me to suck on them, to please them, to drain all the lust from her body. Her body now clearly could be, would be, satisfied with only one thing - Cum. I grunted hard as I fucked her and she continued to grind back just as hard, she looked into my eyes, as I impaled her, again and again, she kept driving me on. She was desperate and hungry for my orgasmic explosion; I was so close to losing total control, she was fucking me so hard..

Ric had said previously, I couldn’t get her pregnant; though that didn’t stop my pounding, penetrating, cock from trying to unload cum, deep in her desperate loins. Her body craved my cock’s pounding attempts.. Unsatisfied with two blinding orgasms, Shona clutched at me even harder. She was desperate now, to milk the seed from my balls, to milk the steamy, creamy load of cum right out of my loaded balls. I shuddered against her lusting efforts, my cock twitching and throbbing within her. She kept up her wild grinding onto my cock as I fucked her, now even harder. I lost control and let it all go, I let her clenching cunt have my whole molten delivery, I growled and grunted into her neck as I started to fill her, no, I mean, drench her cunt walls! Every rhythmic, intense, pulse of my cock flooded more and more of my heavy cum into her cunt. I filled her needy pussy to the brim and then to overflowing, cum was everywhere. She moaned and came, one more time, with me buried deep.

But to my bloody amazement, only after a couple minutes did she gently pull my head back, to look me directly in the eyes, my cock was still inside her sodden cunt, and she whispered into my ear, one word.....“Again?”

That is why Shona is such sexy, wonderful woman, I knew then I wouldn’t be getting sleep, anytime soon....