Written by Usuallyuplate

1 Mar 2017

A question I did have to ask myself, but let's rewind a little.

I met her through an online community. She was different, very open sexually and not afraid to share fantasies. I knew she was a good match both physically and sexually after all the long chats we'd had.

Finally she was free for a couple of hours to come over one night. It wasn't an instant "throw her up against the wall" type thing when she arrived, a slightly slower burn than that. I wasn't sure of her limits in the flesh, but I soon found out!

After she urged me on to be rougher with her than my initial caresses, I warmed into it and attacked her nipples powerfully with my mouth and tongue - pulling on her nipple rings as well. Things were getting wild, unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. She was craving the pain and her obvious arousal was overcoming my hesitation to dishing out this kind of treatment.

I needed more than this, and as I moved down her body the powerful aroma told me she did too. I pulled off her pants revealing a pair of underwear that was well and truly damp. I teased her a little, pushing my fingers against the dampness so that her underwear slid between her pussy lips. As I cupped her pussy, I really did have her in the palm of my hand.

The juicy underwear was next to go and what a sight it had hidden - an engorged pink pussy that was certainly wet to the touch and would only get wetter. After some preliminary probing around her pussy lips, I went quickly thrusting two fingers inside with my thumb circling her clit. That was nowhere near fully satisfying her, so two fingers quickly became three, then four, then...wait, she wants my entire hand?!?

She got into a doggy style position and thrust her ass out at me, she wasn't new to this quite clearly! As I slid my hand inside it was a crazy feeling...yes this really is happening, oh god I can feel all the different textures of her pussy and it's contracting around my hand...wow.

"Now fuck me!"

At this point, any sense of knowing what I was doing was overtaken by sheer lust. I rammed my hand inside her again and again. After a while my brain returned and I decided to mix things up a little, wiggling my fingers around inside her.

I sensed she wanted even more but obviously my other hand wasn't going in there as well, although I'm sure she would've enjoyed it if that was possible. What do I do with my other hand?

Her ass in front of me answered the question. If you like pain, you're going to get some now. Smack!

"Ohh god yes more!" Smack!

Alternating between each cheek I settled into a kind of rhythm - as much as is possible with one hand fully inside a woman's pussy and the other slapping her ass as hard as possible. And then a wicked idea came upon me...

When people say an asshole was winking at them, I got what they meant in that moment. I stopped the spanking and pointed my index finger right at the bullseye. I scored.

"Jesus fucking Christ yes you dirty bastard!!! Get another one in me!" How could I refuse?

"Holy shit that's all I can take with your hand filling me, god I'm so stretched right now!"

It didn't take much of having both holes stimulated before she squirted all over my hand and collapsed onto the bed, sucking in oxygen like she'd just been running flat out.

I'd love to say that there were more stories to tell of myself with this kinky woman, but unfortunately not. Certainly was unforgettable, and a real eye opener!