Written by Kurvykrissy

20 Oct 2015

I had been chatting to this guy on swingers for a couple of months. We messaged each other every day, sent each other dirty emails and pics and chatted on the phone there was no doubt there was a connection. He always made me feel horny after chatting to him and I always ended up playing with myself alone imagining all the things he was going to do to me!

Finally all the planets were aligned ! We made arrangements to meet. We decided coffee and a chat just wasn't going to do it! We arranged to meet in a park and to just let nature take its course.

When I arrived at the car park I could see that he was already there waiting! I started getting butterflies in my stomach and couldn't believe that I was there! I parked my car further away from his. I had decided to wear a black skirt and a wrap top so he would have easy access to my pussy and tits I was wearing no bra or panties! I got out of my car and stood facing it so I had my back towards him. He walked over and came up from behind me all of a sudden I could feel his hands on my body he reached around and grabbed my tits it sent shivers down my spine. He whispered in my ear I want you! He lifted my skirt slightly and started playing with my wet pussy oh god I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

The anticipation was killing me I had only seen his pics on swingers and I thought he was really cute I was hoping they weren't fakes! I was so scared to turn around to see him what if he wasn't like his pics ,what if I wasn't attracted to him, what if he was fat ugly bald and short! I turned around and said hello I was so relieved to see he was really cute better in fact then his pics! Yes this was going to happen!

I reached down into his track pants he was wearing no jocks and started playing with his cock I could feel it harden between my fingers all the time he was fingering my wet pussy. I sat back down in the car he crouched down beside me pulled my skirt up higher he was doing magical things with his fingers and touching my erect nipples. I was just on the brink of cuming but we had to stop as cars kept driving past.

He got into the passenger side of the car we continued kissing and touching. I told him to pull down his pants I started sucking his cock licking the tip I heard him say oh fuck mmm I thought to myself I must be doing something right! He put his fingers in his mouth and then put one of them into my tight ass as I continued to suck and wank his cock until he came all over my tits mm very nice! Now it was my turn he started playing with my wet pussy again and kissing and sucking on my nipples god I thought to myself this guy knows what he's doing! I was lying back in the chair with my eyes closed while he worked his magic on my very wet pussy every time I opened my eyes he was looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes and this cheeky smile on his face! I'm guessing he was enjoying himself! I came with his fingers deep inside me wow what a great first meet!

I am looking forward to many more adventures with my sexy gorgeous friend.