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When hubbys away, wife will play

The start of an ongoing journey of long distance cuckold sex


10 minute read

Recently there has been a spate of so called 'advice' articles on here, if you enjoy them then fair play to you, personally I don't as I've seen them all before on other sites (often word for word) but we all have choices. Let's get back to the intent of this section and share all our erotic adventures. This is another blast from the past, a story which I hope you will all enjoy, its true and has only some slight embellishment to hopefully add value to its naughtiness! I had met a local woman (Sally) in her late 40's on here many years ago from down in Gerringong, the south coast of NSW between Wollongong and Nowra. She was a divorcee, a nurse (always a good thing!) and was looking for some new adventures in her life. She had a FWB so wanted to try MFM fun as well as time on our own. We met about four times, two were with her FWB for a MFM and two were just her and I being naughty. She loved dressing up in stockings and her nurses outfit, very playful, and she certainly enjoy being pleasured by two hard cocks in both her mouth and pussy and in the one to ones she was very passionate and got to enjoy me making her squirt. Her relationship with her FWB became a bit more serious so we all stopped playing and I wished them both well for a naughty future together. We kept in touch but really just to be polite and check in every now and then to reminisce on our naughty times. About 18 months after we had stopped playing she contacted me. "Hey Ozcock, I was talking about you to a friend recently. Her husband is working oversees and she is in need and I recommended you." Talk about being pimped out!! But, I was intrigued and she put me in contact, her friend (let's call her Ann) responded and was pretty open about her needs and wanted me to visit her at her home in Camden during the week so we could introduce and play. Its a Wednesday afternoon and I'm knocking on the door of a very nice house in a exclusive suburb of Camden, Ann answers and ushers me in to the large kitchen diner. We kissed and sat together, the initial nerves very obvious and that was actually a big turn on for me. I asked some questions to establish the 'boundaries' and also to be able to provide what she wanted. "Is your husband aware?" "Yes, it was his idea, we both know Sally and she told us about the fun you had together and when my husband explained his time away and his erectile dysfunctional issues she said I would be ideal. I am respectful, humourous, well endowed, can be very passionate and makes the woman feel very wanted (her words not mine!)". "How many times have you done this before?" "Once, with a fellow Doctor, but it wasn't what I wanted and he wasn't comfortable with the situation". I was actually a bit shocked. To look at Ann you see a pretty but not remarkable woman, slim figure, glasses and spoke very well. Just proves you can't just a book by its cover. "How do you want to play this?" "I don't know, I'm not really very good at this sort of thing. Sally told me you were very good so I'll leave it up to you to guide me. All I want, at some point, is some pictures and maybe video to send to my husband so he can also get some pleasure from it." I looked at what she was wearing, a nice black dress, black hosiery, black heeled shoes. "You wearing stockings?". "Yes, Sally told me you liked that and I enjoy wearing nice underwear." "I do, what underwear are you wearing right now?" "Would you like to see?" "Yes, I want to see how you are dressed for sex, I want to see how much you want to please me. I want to see what your husband is missing". I had sensed a slightly dominant approach would work here, I was right. She replied, "Wow, you know what to say, I like that, I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, follow me up" I give it a couple of minutes, then take the route through their lovely marital home upstairs to their bedroom, the one she shares with her husband when he is home, the one where I am going to fuck his wife while he is overseas, the one where she will learn more about sex and enjoy all the pleasure I plan to give her. She stood in front of her bed, black hold up stockings, black panties with a strap style, black bra pushing up her small breasts. As I walk towards her my cock is straining against my pants, her eyes switch between looking at me and looking at my cock. We kiss, tenderly, then more passionately, as we do she is grasping at my cock, not letting go as we have that initial burst of sexual passion, our tongues exploring each others and me trying to take off my clothes at the same time. It never works! Not sure how they get it to work in the films but trying to kiss, grope and undress at the same time is no mean feat! I stop her, pull away and undress and tell her to take off her panties. Her chest is red, her lipstick is smudged, her nipples poking hard above her cup bra. She is mesmerised by my cock, "My God, you are big, please be gentle" (yes, I know its a cliche, I am a good size but not massive but obviously to her it was something new). "I will be.....just you be a good girl....get on your knees and suck me while I take some pics for your hubby". IPhone at the ready as she sets to task. "I'm not very good at this" she says. To be fair, it isn't the best oral sex I have had, but, their is promise and I try my best to guide her in the technique, eventually telling her to just stay still as I fuck her mouth. I get a few pics for her hubby but not that many. In the coming months and years we rectify that and he gets to see many pics and videos of me and her fucking, her sucking my big dick and me fucking her up her arse and loving it, squirting as I deep fuck her arse. But, back to this day. "You ready to be fucked?" "God yes, please, fuck me, I am dripping". I feel her pussy lips, soaking wet with her juices. I forgot to say, she is smooth, totally smooth and such a good looking pussy, some pics of her are on my profile. I lay her on her marital bed and proceed to taste those juices, fuck she tastes good. Licking her pussy lips, teasing her clit, pulling her pussy into my face as I suck her clit and feeling her gush against me. I move up, kissing her, making her taste her own pussy juice off my face which she laps up eagerly. My hard cock slides effortlessly into her pussy, slowly, inch by inch, the best way, looking at each others eyes and kissing each other as I fill her married pussy with my thick hard dick. As I bottom out she moans "Ahh...fuck....that is so deep" I nudge my dick against her pussy walls, right against her cervix, slowly making her feel full of cock, she loves it hard, her face grimacing at the pressure of it all. I change stroke, pulling out I run some fast strokes just at the entrance to her pussy, her juices covering my thick cock making that natural lube work well. Then back to slow deep strokes bottoming out inside her. She is in constant ecstasy, soaking the bed, actually squirting just from missionary fucking, throughout I keep up a constant stream of verbal encouragement, verbally putting images of our fucking into her eager ears. I pull out and get her on top, again she mentions her lack of skill. "Sorry, I don't know how to do this." "Yes you do, just use that cock. Use it for your own pleasure, imagine its a big dildo you are riding, no one else is here and you are on your own. Close your eyes and use my big cock." I grab her arse and use it to leverage her off my cock, helping her get into a rhythm. AS she rides me I can feel her exasperation, she desperately wants to be in control but can't quite get the motion going. "Hey, its OK, lets try another position, get on your knees, push your pussy out to me so I can fuck you from behind." She is before me, on her hands and knees, legs encased in stockings, her cup bra still on. That pussy is red and swollen, her arse is just fantastic, the sort of hole that begs to be fucked. But not today, that will happen another time, for sure. I enter her pussy, initially grabbing her hips and fucking her. You know its good when they can barely control themselves, her elbows give way and she is face down on the bed, head to the side moaning incoherently as she takes my big cock to the hilt. I grab her hair, its not too long but I'm able to grab it, pull her hair back and use it to get even deeper into her pussy. This sends her over the edge, with multiple swear words and complete collapse of her body she cums all over my cock and is done. But I'm not......I turn her over, "where do you want me to cum?" "Inside me, deep in my pussy". Knowing our individual situations we are both comfortable in the ramifications of this. I ease inside her again and now its all for me, I fuck her, hard. I am grabbing her hair and forcing her head into my shoulders as I fuck her, getting faster and deeper with every thrust. I am now no better than an animal, this is pure sex, pure animal lust. Each thrust getting harder and harder as my orgasm builds up, then, just as my cock seems to be bursting through its own hardness I ejaculate weeks worth of sperm deep inside her married pussy. I moan with pleasure, although it sounds like I am in extreme pain, each thrust and each spurt of my cum making me cry out in sexual pleasure. We both take time to absorb it all, our very first sexual union. It was exactly what she needed, yes she wanted sex, but more importantly she wanted passion. She felt used but in a good sexual way, in a way that made her feel sexy and wanted. We talked about it, anything she didn't like, anything that made her feel uncomfortable. It was everything she wanted, she could only apologise for her lack of experience. "Nonsense, you were fantastic, very compliant, very willing, I nearly took advantage and was going to try fucking your arse." "I would have let you". Oh boy......she was, and is, a great fuck, we enjoyed many good sessions at her home, at hotels in the city, at their family caravan on the coast. She enjoyed many first with me, swallowing cum, squirting during sex, squirting through finger play against her G spot, anal sex and cumming from anal sex. She is open to trying 3 somes now, with both sexes as well as al fresco fun outside. With COVID our meetings reduced for obvious reasons as she was in the front line profession. This was all true, and it was repeated many times during the past 4 years.

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