Written by John

20 Jan 2017

My wife is a large women very big arse with big tits and large legs 57year old. When 18 I had been trying to take her out for soon time as I new from the number of different cars I had seen at her place she must have been a very good fuck then one weekend she agreed to go with me while out she just said I'm not a virgin I asked why did you tell me that she said I like you and want to be honest I told well no one is perfect do like being fucked she said no I love being fucked that night we fucked and fucked and regularly after that as well she still meet some other guys mainly married older blocks till eventually only me we married had kids and when the kids left home I told her if she wanted other guys to go for it she said nothing for months then asked if I was sure I just replied yes but I would like to hear all about it or even watch a few weeks later I was away working for the week and when she rang on the second night told me she went to the pub for a drink wearing a shear blouse low bra short skirt and no nickers but she often didn't wear nickers a young guy asked if he could sit and chat with her so he was buying the drinks told her he was married with a group of blocks working on the road and stayed all week after a bit she started to move so the skirt road up more and more as she new he kept looking at her big legs soon he said you have a nice pair of legs have never seen big legs looking so sexy and smooth before my wife could answer her reached out and started to rub them slowly getting higher till he realised she wasn't wearing any nickers without saying a word moved more descreet and started to rub her pussy which was already very wet he started to finger her and suggested they better go somewhere and fuck it was only a short walk to his camp once there he got her straight on the bed and entered her sloppy cunt his cock was average size and felt good he fucked her hard and blew a abig load into her n then started licking her while she sucked him hard to fuck some more after he had emptied his second load there was a knock at the door when he opened it some of his work mates said they saw him bring a women back and wanted a turn they just came in and dropped their pants and started taking turns at her cunt and mouth sucking and pinching her nipples I asked how many and she answered 7 eventually one older block suggest the cunt is to sloppy let's lube the arse and they all then came in her arse when they left she got the guy she went back with to take some photos on her phone that she was about to send me when I got them she was a cum mess but I carn't wait for next time as she said she really enjoyed being back into it and coming so many times