Written by mrs batsam

28 Apr 2013

It was a Friday afternoon, Hubby was off at the pub, for his Fiday Frothies, my playfriend D, dropped by after work, we sat on the couch talking, me wearing a dress, that showed my cleavage to its full potential !! and no panties, and a smoothly shaven pussy ! D couldnt take his eyes off my clevage as we talked.He leaned over and ran his hand over my breast, slipping his hands inside my dress, his warm hands feeling so good on my breasts, he lent in a slowly and kissed my neck his hand still inside my dress, his hand moving down to slowly push my dress up, his hands on my thighs, i leaned back and let out a small moan,his fingers moved slowly up my thigh lingering on my smooth pussy lips, he slowly ran the tips of his fingers over my clit, i could feel myself getting wet, he teased me just gently stroking me, as he moved to put his fingers into my wetness.I let out another moan, squirming with the pleasure of what his fingers were doing to me.

My hands went to his crotch feeling how hard he was already, i slowly unzipped his shorts, and he gasped as i ran my fingers over his hard cock,his mouth closed over mine, kissing me deeply, his tongue pushing its way into my mouth.

My pussy was dripping wet, i took his hand and led him into the bedroom, he slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders and my dress fell to the floor, he kissed my neck and i could feel his hard cock pushed into my thigh.

I pulled his t-shirt over his head and pushed down his shorts to reveal his hard throbbing cock, i ran my fingernails lightly over his chest and he moaned, he pushed me back onto the bed and knelt between my legs, his tongue gently licked my pussy, i let out a loud moan, he gently pulled apart my smooth pussy lips, and his tongue worked magic on my clit, long gentle strokes, followed by small circles around my clit, i lay on the bed moaning with pleasure, i could feel my juices running down my pussy, he slowly slid a finger inside my finding my g-spot and rubbing it as his tongue keep teasing me and making me moan louder, i could feel my orgasm coming, his tongue and his fingers bringing me to a mind blowing orgasm, i lay there panting totally satisfied.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, his hard cock begging for my mouth, i slowly run my tongue up the length of his cock, he shivered with excitement, i took his cock into my mouth and started sucking grasping his balls with my hand,i swirled my tongue around his cock as it was in my mouth as he grasped my hair, exclaiming 'oh my god you are incredible at that' i kept sucking moving between fast and slow, then moving my mouth to his balls and gently taking them into my mouth and sucking gently on them, he moaned again, and said' no more i want u to fuck me, i want you on top of me' he lay back onto the bed and i moved to sit on top of him, feeling his hard cock sliding into my wetness, his hands grasped my hips and i moved back and forth, his hands found my breasts and he gripped them as he pushed his cock into me, i rocked back and forth, hearing his breathing changing, he said 'oh my god i am going to cum' and i moved quicker grinding onto him as he shot his load up into me, and shuddered to an orgasm. We both fell to the bed exhausted and fully satisfied! Hubby was treated to a cum filled pussy when he got home from the pub later on.