22 Jun 2016

Well the whole of Australia thinks that Canberra isn't the most exciting of places, well we do know how to enjoy ourselves.

I was a bit unsure how thing were going to work out, a friend of mine ask me out for a few drinks with a couple that happened to be visiting, I hadn't spoken to them at all at this stage. They had met before and had a wonderful FFM threesome so the stakes had been upped with me joining in on the fun. Plans have a way of changing and another single lady had made herself available, so what was a comfortable foursome was now a sexually charged group of 5.

We all had drinks in hand, the conversation flowed freely and in a short period of time things turned sexual, previous exploits talked out, a little flirting and then suddenly the mention of " lets get into the spa " had us headed to the back door.

clothes hit the ground and we all slipped into the water.

You can imagine how things started, hands, tongues, lips and fingers touching and probing . I was just rubbing Samantha's r leg and then breast to begin with. I then slowly worked my hand down to her pussy and gently rub Samantha's clit and then slipped one of my fingers inside of her, we kissed lightly and then our tongues met and I worked my finger in and out of her tight pussy, she than grabbed my hard cock and stroked me up and down. I got the feeling she enjoyed how hard she had made another man besides her husband. I looked across to my right and saw John standing in the spa, his cock inside of Nina's mouth and his hands behind her head face fucking her.

Sam moved towards Tracy kissing her hard and cupping her full breasts and I continued to finger and play with her, next Samantha back up and guided me into her, she sat down and I was deep inside of her, she felt so tight as she road me. Sam and Tracy continued to kiss, fondle and Tracy's pussy was fingered by Sam as she worked up and down on me. After 10 minutes I felt like I was getting close to cumming and I pulled out, I was again in control and Sam guided me inside of her again. Tracy again kissing and being fingered by Sam as my hands cupped and squeezed Sam's breasts and nipples and I felt her pussy clamp on my cock each time she came.

Then we headed inside. I was eager to taste her pussy but Tracy beat me to it lol. I stood on the couch as Tracy licked Sam below me, I was a little soft after the towelling off and getting back into the lounge but Sam had me hard again quickly and took me all the way down to the base of my cock, she then released me and then took me all that way back in again. After a couple of minutes I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth as her lips clamped around me. Once again I got close to cumming but held off to enjoy myself. My turn came at last to taste that pussy that my cock had enjoyed in the spa. I found Sam to have a wonderful snatch to both taste and looks, my tongue licked from clit to entrance and back again, I worked my tongue on John's wife's clit and she came quickly ( I do have pussy eating skills lol ) and as her orgasm's hit she grabbed my head and held me in place, I didn't stop and continued working her hard clit with my tongue, as her next orgasm hit I sucked gentle on her pussy and rubbed my tongue across her clit as she came again and then gentle worked her arse with my thumb.

Once again Tracy and I swapped places and now I could fuck Tracy from behind and Sam had her pussy worked over again by Tracy. I had all but forgotten about Nina and John, really can you blame me, I was wrapped up in my own little world with two sexy women. They had found a spot on the floor and had a party for two.

The rest of the night continued along the same lines, but we didn't make it back to the spa. At about 3:30am Nina had to leave and the rest of us then paired off and went to bed and that is a story for another time.

Now I have just heard that John and Sam are heading back to Canberra for a weekend, what will we get up to this time?