Written by True Voyeur Pete

26 Jan 2014

They had done it for the first time in the shower, cleaned up and she put on only her white cotton dressing gown, and he got dressed minus his undies which were wet.

They were standing in the kitchen with a coffee and he asked her if she was ok with what had happened in the bathroom. She said yeah she enjoyed it, but was a bit anxious now in case someone turned up as it would look very suspicious. She knew I wouldnt be around if there was a car in the driveway, but neighbours could pop in etc.

So, then there is quiet conversation for a while. I found it more difficult to hear all this as the floor is cork tiles and they were at the doorway to the back room as well.

The next thing I heard is "no A, we havent got time". Then more silence and again "no, we havent got time, P will be back soon". (Apparently they were kissing every now and then, and he was pulling her robe open and playing with her nipples. She just loves to have her nipples pinched and sucked and she was getting turned on by his persistence, and she said she was thinking about what had happened in the bathroom a short while ago.)

It was quiet again as they made out, and he again pulled her robe open and pulled on her nipples. Then I heard her say "thats my weak spot", then quiet, then "can we at least move into the kitchen? She was worried then about being seen from the out the back.

They moved into the kitchen and he pulled was robe completely open and leaned down and kissed her nipples, while moving his hand down to her pussy. As any man knows, when a woman tells you her weak spot, you go hard at it, and he did.

He sucked hard on her nipples and I heard soft moaning, he was fingering her as well, and then he dropped to his knees and started sucking her pussy, whilst still pulling on her nipples.

She was running her fingers through his hair, and after a while she said "my knees are getting weak". This is what normally happens when she is close to cumming. So he lifted her onto the bench and kept sucking her pussy and clit until I heard her gasping and moaning as she came. Her clit gets very sensitive immediately after she cums and she has to push you away when she is like that, and that is what she did to him.

Then he stood and they kissed again for a while, until he pulled her off the bench and he sat back in the lounge chair they had earlier brought in from the lounge room. He pulled her with him so she was kneeling on the floor between his legs but his was still kissing her so all I heard was her knees cracking as she knelt.

He got her hands and placed then on his very hard cock through his pants, and she just casuallly rubbed it as they made small talk. I heard him say "can you do something for me", but she didnt reply.

You see, he didnt know if she gave head, and if she did, how far did she go? But he was still very horny and persistent.

Then he said "you cant send me home like this", at which time he unzipped his pants and got his cock out. She was playing hard to get right now, but she wanted to suck his cock, so she massaged it with both hands, then told him to lift as she pulled his pants down to his ankles and slid one leg out so she was more comfortable. She put her hands around his arse and pulled him forward so he was on the end of the chair with his legs spread and her kneeling betweeen them.

She said she looked up at him as she leaned forward and started to lick the head of his cock. and after i minute or so he closed his eyes and leaned back, and she went down on him and started to suck him off.

She was still aware of the time and so she didnt muck around, and kept sucking him up and down, using her hands as well and also playing with his balls with one hand every now and then. She gives a sort of chinese burn (gently) as she sucks and is a sensational cock sucker.

Well it didnt take too long and she felt him lifting slowly as she sucked, pushing his cock into her mouth, then she felt his fingers running through her hair, gently urging her further onto his cock. She doesnt mind that at all and she knew he was getting close, then he pushed up harder and she felt his knob throbbing in her mouth as he spurted hot cum into her. He groaned and grabbed her head and held it there until he finished cumming, and she swallowed it all (she loves it) until his spasms finished and his cock started to go soft still in her mouth. Then (and I DID hear this), she leaned forward and kisssed the last bit of cum off his slit.

It was a blur after that as he got dressed and she farewelled him. But they got together a few more times after that. Twice at home, once in his car, and another time they went to a motel for almost the whole night.

This woman turns me on like no other can, and I still love the stories she tells me of her (not really frequent) episodes with othr guys.

I love revisiting and get horny just typing this.