25 Oct 2016

Several years ago I found out my wife was a very willing slut, she loved getting done by plenty of cocks and gang banging was her ultimate thrill. I allowed her to indulge her inner self as it meant that I got loads of sex too.

This went on for a couple of years then she seemed to tire of it and for the last year or so she was only fucking me, so I thought the slut side of her had disappeared.

Last weekend I was going fishing for the day but the weather turned sour during the day and so I decided to go back home. As I drove up our street I noticed there seemed to be more cars parked than normal but I just ignored them and parked in my drive and went inside.

When I opened the front door I was confronted with about ten naked guys standing round an in the middle of the lounge room was my wife, totally naked with a mouthful of cock and another one slamming her pussy. I knew immediately what was going on so I stripped and joined the circle. The guy she was sucking was ready to blow and in jus a minute or two he unloaded in her mouth and on her face, she barely had time to swallow when another hardon was jammed down her throat. The guy fucking picked up the pace ready to cum and the guy next to me said, ' this will be her fifth creampie today.' The thought of all that cum in her made me as hard a steel. Shortly the guy started grunting and the cum was running down his shaft and into her, it looked so hot. He pulled out with a gush of cum streaming down her crack, then the guy next to me told me it was my turn, I didn't need telling twice and entered her slippery hole with ease. As I pounded her juicy hole the guy she was sucking pulled out and squirted cum all over her face, the sight of which made me blow another load into her hungry pussy.

As I was cumming she looked down and saw it was me and laughed, she knew that it was ok with me and her slut personality was back in full swing.