Written by batsam

11 Oct 2013

We were at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre standing area in front of the stage. The area was packed tight with people enjoying the music, singing & dancing. Packed that tight that everyone was constantly bumping & touching.

This is what my sexy wife told me when we got back to our car in the carpark.

She tells me that as I was aware is was really squashy in the mosh pit & was no room to move. She said she could constantly feel pressure from behind her but put it down to the lack of space. She could then feel her arse being rubbed but didn't bother about it as it was a consequence of the situation. Soon though she said she felt a hand start to wander around her arse & groping at her. Then the hand was getting adventurous & going under her arse & squeezing her cheeks & then this wandering hand got even more adventurous & she said she could feel her dress rising up her legs & the hand stroking the back of her thighs. Then she says this hand found its way between her legs & can imaging his surprise when he found no knickers to fight with. She then felt fingers searching for her pussy so she obliged & parted her legs to gain entry as she was so horny to have this happening to her. He had inserted 2 fingers into her & was finger fucking her pussy right there beside everyone & no-one having a clue what they were doing. He then inserted his thumb into her arse as he was finger fucking her & kept this up when he knew that she was fighting him. She said she had a squirting orgasm right there on the floor as she stood right beside me.

She said that was when she told me she was off to the toilet & be back soon.

She said she grabbed this strangers hand & walked him through the crowd to get outside & it wasn't until they got out into the foyer area that she turned to see his face for the 1st time. She was shocked to see this guy was only a baby (her words) & would not have been 20 yet. (she is 44). She just dragged him outside to the carpark anyway & she said she asked him what the hell was he doing. he says he just got way to horny with her arse constantly rubbing against him & he just had to feel it & when she didn't stop him He just kept going.

She then says she told him to drop his pants & sit on the back of this ute & she proceeded to suck his cock & fondle his young balls. She was pleasantly surprised to see he had a rather thick cock, about 3" across & about 6" in length. The guy then lays down in the ute to enjoy my wifes mouth pleasuring him & the wife says that she felt hands grab her from behind & hold her tight. She let out a scream & the young fella sat up & syas what are you doing to which the reply was, well I seen you walk out of the concert with this hot milf & I thought I should check on my mate. With that he flipped up her dress to expose her arse & insert his ready for action cock into her & pump away. She said she went back to sucking the guys cock as it felt great to be taken by surprise by this other young guy.

His pumping of her pussy kept going until he slammed one last time into her & unleashed his load into her pussy. The other one then got out of the ute & bent her over the tailgate & shoved his cock into her, she tells me its thickness was unbelievably great & she instantly orgasmed again. He fucked her for a while until he tensed up & unloaded his cum into her as well. She says he then pulled out & slapped her arse & says thank you very much, he turns & walked over to his mate, high fived him & they walked off back to the concert leaving her alone to make her own way back.

My god I was so fucking horny that I got my cock out as I sat in the car & she was still outside & asked her to blow me, she bent over & proceeded to give me a mind blowing headjob, it was heavenly as I laid back in the seat & enjoyed the sensation.

It was then I heard my wife moaning so I opened my eyes to see a young fella fucking my wife from behind. I said what the fuck are you doing & he just says I fucked her about an hour ago & seen a familiar site when going to my car & had to do it again & your wife is not complaining. She takes her mouth off my cock & says, Hell no it's fucking great" .

He dumps his load into her again, slaps her on the arse, says thanks sexy & walks off to his car.

Hell I love my wife