Written by Director

13 Aug 2013

I've been married for 15 years and love my wife Lara, but I have always had a high sex drive. It was about 6 months ago, in a somewhat drunken state that I half jokingly said to Lara that I loved her (which I do) but wished I could fuck different women. We had a laugh and even made love and nothing was said for about a month. Then one day, when Lara and I were making love she just said, that if I wanted to fuck other women I could but she would have to okay which women I could fuck. Well guys, is this everyman's dream. Absolutely! I asked Lara if she would like to have other partners (hoping she would say no) and she said no. She understood I had a high sex drive and she loved having sex with me but was content to leave it at that. She also said that she wanted to remain faithful to me but said again that she had to approve who I could fuck and that it was up to me to seduce them.

Well, Lara is very attractive and 40 years old. I'm 45. Lara would be classified as a real MILF so I was wondering who she would let me fuck. I came home one day and after dinner we were having a conversation and Lara said that she had someone in mind for me - Christine a friend of ours. I knew which Christine (we knew two - one married and one divorced) Lara meant but I asked which one anyway. Lara just rolled her eyes and said Christine, the divorced one. Oh I said. I was a bit disappointed as Christine had a very attractive face but had put on some weight. Christine and Lara would often catch up for coffee etc and would often come over to our place. Well, Lara said, you wanted to screw around, now you have my permission with Christine.

Ok, I'm up to the challenge. Well, I must say, I was as horny as hell just thinking about it. Wow, getting to fuck other women and have permission to do so. So the long and short of it was that Lara invites Christine over for a BBQ. By the end of the evening, the wine is flowing abundantly and Lara and Chris are both somewhat drunk. Not me however as I needed to perform. Lara, Chris and myself moved into the lounge room where we had the fire going. I'm sitting on a lounge chair and Lara sits on the floor in front of me and asks for a massage and I oblige. I'm not sure where this is leading but I give her a massage. Lara then gets up to offer coffee to Chris and myself and she goes to the kitchen to make the coffee. I ask Chris if she wants a massage and she says that she would love one but would end up asleep if she did so best not to. Well that didn't work. I think that it was a polite way so that neither of us would be embarrassed. Lara comes back with the coffee and I fess up to Lara that I offered a massage to Chris and Chris declined. Lara chirps in and says, "you don't know what you're missing Chris.

Chris then says ok. Well, she plonks herself in front of me and I commence the neck and back massage, trying to be as sensual as I can. Chris responds with an innocent moan and "that feels great". I keep on massaging stopping only to gulp my coffee. About 20 minutes pass and Lara says that she is exhausted and wants to go to bed. I'm thinking, is this a set up? Lara then says to Chris to stay if she wants and I say, yeah stay (probably too excitedly). Chris says ok but only for awhile. Lara goes off to bed and leaves Chris and I alone in the lounge room. I now trying to be as sensuous as possible. I then decide to go for it and unclasp Chris' bra and I do it. Chris lets out a soft moan and says "that's not a good idea". I respond, "it's ok" and Chris says, "I don't think so". I tilt Chris' head back and give her a soft kiss on the lips and she responds. I kiss her again and again she 's not a good idea. I say "yes it is", "it's okay" I say.

I stand up and move in front of Chris, hold both her hands and lift her up. Chris is a big girl, has large tits and arse but quite tall with shapely legs. I move up to her again and kiss her on the lips and she responds deeply. I then start to unbutton her cardigan and she asks "what about Lara?" and I respond "it's okay" not knowing if I should tell her that I have permission to fuck around. She keep on kissing quietly and we both sit back on the lounge. I immediately slip my right hand into Chris' blouse and start to massage her tits, great tits.

Chris starts to massage my cock through my jeans and starts to zip them. Its awkward with my cock pocking out of my jeans so i start taking them off. Chris asks what if Lara hears. I just say that it's ok...again! By now, I'm totally naked and start to take Chris' clothes off her. I am delighted to see her wearing a g string. With her big arse it looks sexy. Chirs starts to suck my cock and I lie back just enjoy this. Chris then gets up and lies on the floor in front of me. She spreads her legs and gives me a good look at her pussy. I kneel in front of Chris and start to kiss the insides of her legs. She moans and I start down her leg until my tongue is firmly inside her pussy. I eat her pussy hard and her juices start flowing with soft moans. I then get start to lick Chris' huge tits and then without even having to try, my cock just slips into Chris' pussy. I start pounding her hard and wonder if the loud slapping noises would cause Lara to come back out but I need not worry. I continued to pound Chris more until I came. I just laid on top of Chris for a while and we kissed. Chris then got up and started to get dressed. I said no and said that she should give me a blow job cause I wanted to make love to her again. Chris obliged and before long, Chris was kneeling on the lounge again and i was fucking her doggy style. This time I was a machine as I had already come and was going like an animal. I finally came again and asked Chris to lay on the lounge while I went back to eating her pussy. I continued until she finally came. After awhile Chris got up, got dressed and left.

I crept into bed and was somewhat surprised to see that Lara was half asleep. She asked if I got to make love to Chris and I said that i wouldn't call it making love, making love is what we do, Chris and I fucked. With that, I moved Lara's legs apart and started to play with Lara's pussy through her nighty and panties. Lara responded immediately and soon she was wet as. I slipped her panties off and slipped my cock inside her and we made passionate love. I think that Lara was turned on so much it was a good fuck as much as it was making love.

Chris and I have continued to fuck. We have never fucked at my place again but I go over to her house instead.

I hope to keep everyone updated on my new fuck buddies soon!