Written by wudzy046

5 Oct 2012

My wife, Debbie, has just returned form the UK after an 8 week holiday. She tells me the following story is absolutely true but as this is completely out of character for her, I am amazed and shocked! In her defence, sha had taken a tablet which made her very relaxed- and obviously horny!

She was travelling alone and was on the first leg of 14 hours between London Heathrow and Singapore. She was sitting next to a younger guy that she befriended straight away and they got on like a house on fire. A the same time, she was aware of someone sitting diagonally opposite her who kept looking back. At first she ignored it but it seemed every time she loooked up from her book, he was watching. This progressed to smiles once in a while.

Whilst engrossed in a film, her seat was bumped and her arm was brushed by the fron of his pants, leaving her with no doubt that he was hard. The guy smiled and sat down in his seat. Smiles and looks were exchanged for a time before she needed the toilet. She got up and went rearward to the facilities. She finished her ablutions and came out of the toilet only to find her way obstructed by her friend from across the aisle. She attempted to get past him but, as she did so, the guy pushed forward from the hips and chest squeezing the space. Her hips came into contact with his obvious aroused state. Teasing him she pushed back and looked down between their bodies. She returned to her seat with the guy close behind.

A few hours later and needing the toilet again, she got up as did her admirer and moved to the back of the plane. Nearly everyone was asleep and the plane was very quiet and still, with the aircrew on break or sleep themselves. She opened the toilet and went in. She finished , flushed and opened the door. The guy moved forward and pushed the door closed. Due to lack of space, my wife sat on the lavatory which, of course, brought her into eye line with his crotch. She looked up and he just raised his eyebrows as in a question. She reached up and felt the bulge, which she described as 'meaty'. She pulled down his zip, reached in and pulled out his cock with the aid of a little squirm from her new friend. She wanked it slowly, opened her mouth and leaned forward to take it. Tastes nice she thought and swallowed it down bringing a gasp from her would be lover.

After a minute or so- although obviously she can say exactly!- she stood and opened her pants, she turned and dropped them to the floor. She opened her top and raised her bra to allow her large, sensitive double G tits to swing out. She bent forward and he moved toward her, grasping her hips and pulled her back onto his hard, thick cock. He was soon all the way in and got into a rythmn. He lent forward and held her hanging , swinging tits tightly while her head banged on the wall of the toilet. After a good, hard fuck, he came, falling over her back and breathing loudly.

They stood up, he zipped his pants and left the toilet, leaving her in a rumpled mess. She returned to her seat and sat shaking with excitement, not believing what had just happened. She could feel the cum running into her pants to

prove it wasnt a dream. They never spoke and never smiled at each other for the duration of a the flight.