28 Sep 2020

Mr Pool here.

The pandemic and the associated restrictions in Melbourne have been a drag for us, and for many others I'm sure. We are eagerly counting down to some relaxation of the rules so that we can indulge in some relaxation of our own again!

Luckily we sneaked in some fun back back in February, which I recorded. We rarely record our play but this was a slightly different setup. We are both so glad that we recorded it, considering that for the past 7 months it has been hot to watch and enjoy in lieu of actually being able to do anything like it.

Back in February life was still normal - in other words, busy. Jobs, kids, extended family obligations, social obligations, travel, etc and Susan was a bit stressed.

I said I would organise a massage therapist to come over to our place one night once the kids were down and all the chores done. Susan gave me that stern "don't be a naughty boy" look, and with a tone to match, told me to make sure that I engaged a properly qualified masseuse so that we could claim the cost back from our health insurance.

I remembered that a couple we know had mentioned having a guy over to do a massage once because they were both too busy with work and having young kids to be able to go to a parlour during the day. It came up over dinner with them after copious wine. The wife made a joke about it and the husband kind of brushed over it and moved the conversation on.

I rang the husband to get the details of the masseuse, to check if he did remedial and to ask if he was any good. He said the guy was flexible, which at the time I thought meant his hours and ability to do home visits. He said remedial was on offer but that they ended up getting something different. Our friends are quite private so I knew not to probe any further.

After reflecting on that call later I felt that it was all a little ambiguous.

I called the masseuse and he answered the call with "Mike's Mobile Massages" and I spluttered and half laughed. He was a bit puzzled and I just sheepishly said that my wife and I met a guy called Mike while on a beach holiday a couple of years back who also had a mobile business and that he was a lot of fun. This Mike simply chuckled and asked what I was looking for. I told him what we wanted and his answers were yes, he did remedial, which we could claim against our insurance and yes he could do this Friday night at 9pm. I told him that Susan was the recipient, but that she had sensitive skin and that most massage oils irritated her. He said no problem, she is not alone in that regard, and that coconut oil would be the best option in her case. The only downside with it was that it's a bit harder to remove from clothing if any gets on there, and that she shouldn't wear her best lingerie. He gave a little "just joking" laugh and I immediately said not a problem, we can sort something out, and besides we aren't prudish people. He was like "Oh, right" but didn't appear to pick up on that little hint.

On the night, Mike arrived right on time with his portable table and coconut oil. I took him to our spare room where I had some of Susan's favourite music playing along with soft lighting. Being Friday night I had a beer in my hand and offered him one, which he politely declined. He had a nice manner and seemed like a sweet guy, so I knew Susan would immediately warm to him. Susan meanwhile had by now, I hoped, consumed her cocktail and got herself ready, so I went and fetched her - she was now also wearing a robe - and introduced her to Mike. He gave me a towel, turned his back to Susan and asked her to lay on her stomach and for me to drape the towel over the middle of her body, which I did.

I was making chit chat with him, asking where he lived, talking about sport, commenting on the heat which was surprising, being late in the evening, etc. I casually sat on the spare bed and kept talking while Mike started on Susan's shoulders, neck and arms. After a few minutes he wanted to shift the towel so he flicked it a bit in a way that made it lift and settle a little lower, across her arse and thighs. In that split second when the towel was airborne, we could both clearly see that Susan was completely naked. Mike was a total professional and said nothing, so I joked that Susan had the right idea on how to beat the heat. Mike had a little sweat on his brow already and nodded ruefully. I took a risk and asked what he had on underneath his tracksuit pants and he said boxers. I said again that we weren't prudes and noone would object if he took off the trackies. Predictably, Susan said nothing. Mike was genuinely grateful and slipped the long pants off.

After working Susan's back for a few minutes, Mike went to do the towel flick and move it back up. I decided to take a risk and give it a nudge so I told him she didn't need the towel, particularly with the heat. Deadpan he said "Yeah, I know, and you're not prudes". I laughed, he smiled and Susan just gave a snort, which was difficult to interpret. Regardless, with a flick of his wrist the towel was back in his bag and Susan was exposed in all her glorious, curvy magnificence.

From here, Mike worked on her thighs and gradually, on down to her feet. I asked him what was next and he said he would work his way back up to her neck before getting her to turn over. I decided to push it a bit and, taking a huge risk with Susan as much as with Mike, I asked him if I could record the rest of the massage. Mike waited a beat to see if Susan was going to say something but she was silent, although she seemed to be feeling quite content. With one eye on Susan, scanning for her reaction, he was like "Suuuure", but asked me not to film his face so that it didn't risk his registration.

Before I could press record, Susan parted her legs, which did surprise me at the time. I found out later from her that she thought my request to film was code for "game on" which Mike and I had somehow organised earlier without her knowledge. She gives me way too much credit in the deviousness department.

Now that we could see between her legs, Susan was clearly wet and aroused. On his way back up her body, Mike's plan deviated somewhat and he moved to massage her bare glutes and inner thighs. Susan turned her head to peek and did a double take at the size of the buldge in Mike's boxers. She immediately reached her left hand out and started stroking the bulge in his undies. To me, that is the hottest moment in the quite lengthy video, and it happened exactly 45 seconds in.

After a few minutes Mike moved to the other side and started on the other glute and inner thigh. He immediately received attention from Susan's right hand.

After some time of quite obvious mutual enjoyment, Mike asked Susan to roll over. Now some of you have seen pics of Susan laying naked on her back and some on here have been lucky enough to see her naked and on her back in person. It does take your breath away, mine included, even after all these years. Susan is a living Venus.

Here again I suspect that Mike departed from the standard plan, drizzled oil on Susan's mountainous breasts, and started to massage them, one in each hand. Well, there was way too much for one hand, so he started to use two hands on one breast and still couldn't get full coverage. It was at this stage that I realized we probably weren't going to get a receipt from Mike that we could use to claim our rebate.

There is a lot of hot video from this point on of Mike exploring every part of Susan's glorious oiled body. When his fingers finally found her puffy pussy lips I couldn't stay out of the game any longer. I pulled the waist band of my running shorts down, took out my hard cock and, because she had her eyes closed, placed Susan's free hand on my shaft. I got a surreptitious thumbs up from Mike and he continued the good work.

For another ten minutes I film, sometimes stepping in to have Susan stroke me, other times moving around to get closeups of Mike's activities or Susan's hand rubbing his bulge. Mike finally pulls his boxers off and with one hand teasing per pussy places her hand on his now bare and very hard cock.

With a hard cock in each hand, Susan enjoyed some four handed massage which admittedly tended to be focussed on her tits and pussy. After around 5 minutes of this, Mike climbed up on the quite small massage table and used his cock head to further massage Susan's pussy from top to bottom and back again. He leaned down closer to her and they kissed.

It was Susan's turn now to be unable to hold herself back and she grabbed Mike's hips and pulled him into her, burying his cock inside her swollen wet pussy. Mike fucked her nicely while rubbing her clit with his finger just how she likes, while I watched, filmed and stroked my hard cock. There was some very erotic moaning as they both came, Susan's legs wrapped around him pulling him in to herself as tightly as possible.

If you're wondering, Mike didn't charge us for that massage.

Susan initially didn’t like the video much because she got a bit heavier over Christmas and New Year and hadn't lost it all yet. I just think she looks extra curvy and super hot. Once COVID kicked in we watched the video a few times and Susan now realises that objectively, her body looks great in it, plus, it helps that the whole thing is so erotic. What made it extra hot was the situation. Nobody knew if anything would happen. Susan just asked me to arrange a proper massage for stress relief. I got a qualified guy to come around, letting him know that we weren’t prudish. He got the message 😆 but didn't really believe it, so there were no expectations and as a result everything was relaxed and fun.

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