Written by hubby

10 Oct 2013

I was at work & got a call from the insurance assessor who called into home to check out our leaking shower. He asked me what needed to be looked at & I instructed him so. I also said that my wife is aware of what has gone wrong & she could help.

I got home from work that night & went about life as normal.

Bed time arrives soon enough & was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely wife as horny as hell & wanting a fuck. I spread her legs & started licking her gorgeous pussy & inserting a couple of fingers I brought her to an awesome orgasm which was quite quick to my surprise.

I then get on top & slip my cock into her & she tells me that she was naughty today,

I asked what she meant as my cock was deep inside of her, She then starts to tell me how this assessor guy started flirting with her & invited her to sit next to him on our couch, she tells me he then started to rub her leg & reach under he skirt to play with her pussy. He puts a finger in her & passionately kisses her.

She tells me she then straddles him on the couch & keeps the kissing going while he plays with her tits under he dress & then proceeds to undress her, She straddles him again & he sucks on her nipples & gropes her.

She then says to him to follow her into the bedroom where she strips him off & starts to give him a blowjob until he blows all over her tits.

He then pushes her back onto the bed & she tells me that he gives her the best pussy licking she has had in a while, multiple orgasms she tell me.

He was hard again & gets her to go on all fours & sticks his cock in her & pounds away for a good 10 minutes until he blows in her, filling her pussy with his cum.

She then says that they laid on the bed just caressing each other & he was hard yet again (she sais she coulnt believe his stamina)

He got her to lay on her back & he lifts her legs up to his shoulders, He gets his cock & tells her he wants her arse. She obliges & he pushes his cock into her arse & starts to pound away at her until he blows yet again.

She tells me she has never met a guy who has cum 3 times within an hour & satisfied her numerous times as well.

I asked her if she remembers his name & she blushes & says no she doesn't .

Needless to say I came vey quickly with my naughty wifes story telling of her days events. She has never done that before & am so glad she did & I got to hear all about it.

So love my naughty batsam