Written by wifetoshare

19 Nov 2013

I met a guy (Bill) on swingers heaven when I advertised that I wanted to share my wife. I am older and my Filipina wife (Jane) is half my age. She is slim and beautiful with small but perfect breasts and the most beautiful figure and legs. She has agreed previously to sleep with one of my friends (John) but strangely now avoids any reference to sharing or one on one sex with another guy. For this reason Bill and I are doing this in secret. I am desperate to have her fucked.

I sent Bill photos of her both clothed and naked and he responded positively. He lives some four hours by road from me but has business interests in my location and plans on visiting soon. Jane has tertiary qualifications that may be useful in Bill's business and we have discussed the possibility of remote (online) employment. The plan is that she will spend more and more time with him during which time he will gradually become more affectionate, leading ultimately to seduction.

Bill is also Bi sexual and we plan to meet separately and whilst enjoying each others company, discuss her and plan his moves based on how I believe she is feeling about him. I have asked him to text me when there is something to say such as first proper kiss and first naked touching of her breasts etc. I am confident that her libido will demand satisfaction and whilst she may resist initially, given the right circumstances she will allow him to take her. I can't wait to get his text and learn she has gone "all the way"

Eventually, when the time is right, I will "become" aware of their "affair" and will be delighted and supportive. At that time, with the secrecy over, he can lodge with us instead of a motel during his visits and we can have threesomes.

When she coupled with John she wanted me to remain with her mainly because she was scared, and I was in heaven watching them together. When she decided to stop I was devastated. I long to watch her with Bill and listen to her moans and cries of pleasure.

I will write updates as this affair unfolds and welcome any feedback. I am only a casual member of SH.