Written by KandZ

7 Mar 2011

My wifes first stages of playing with another man........

She emailed this to me at work just to tease me!

He had texted me earlier in the day, telling me how he wanted to stick his tongue deep inside my pussy and have me cum all over his face, we texted back and forth practically fucking through the phone.

When we arrived at the house it was instant, we were like magnets I could almost feel his cock being drawn to me, it made me wet just thinking about it!

It didn’t take long until we knew it was time..i went out first avoiding any attention, we didn’t want our partners to take notice..he soon followed.

He came behind me and kissed me neck then turned me round and kissed me hard and fast. Before I knew it I was on my knees with his hard cock in my hand my tongue gliding around the tip till he was begging for me to take it in my mouth. My lips wet slide up and down his cock, his moans told me I was sucking just enough. He pulled me up and slide his hand down between my thighs fingers in my pussy then in second this mouth and tongue…all I wanted was his cock.

I stopped him, we had been gone long enough…we went back to the party, no one any the wiser.

We were both insane we just wanted to fuck…he keep telling me he wanted his cock inside me and I wanted that too, my pussy was throbbing with anticipation.

It wasn’t long until we had a moment again this time in the bathroom, he locked the door behind us, I was sucking his cock in seconds..he pulled me up pushed me against the wall and kissed the cock off my lips. He then put me on the basin and pulled my knickers aside…finally I was going to feel his hard cock I had desperately needed..

It was so fucken hot, his cock has thick and hard and he knew I needed it! He soon tuned me over and was thrusting his cock deep inside me with all his might, I was so fucken wet, I came like never before.

It was over and I was left leaning against the door shocked and dripping, mu pussy still throbbing from my orgasm….can’t wait till next time.