Written by Paul

13 Oct 2012

I have been married to my wife for 11 years and have never cheated until recently, when my wife and her friend Jenny had a girls night out.

Jenny is an asian girl with four kids and my wife has known her for over ten years. Jenny's husband was away with work and had been for nearly a month.

My wife had me be the baby sitter for the night for all the kids while they went out. Both our kids were staying at friends houses and two of Jenny's kids were staying at friends, so I had her two youngest.

It was about 2 am and I got a call to collect the women, so I loaded the car up and colleted them from the local sports club. When I arrived my wife was very drunk and I had to carry her to the car. We went back to Jenny's house and I put her two kids back to bed and put my wife in the spare room. I told Jenny I would collect her in the morning.

Jenny told me to stay the night as it was late. I agreed and started to join my wife in the spare room when Jenny stopped me. Jenny grabbed me and kissed me I tried to push her off but she kept held of me. At this stage Jenny told me that her husband had been away with work for two months and she was horny as hell.

Jenny dragged me to her bedroom and started to undress me. In no time I was naked and I started to removed Jenny's clothes.

I soon had Jenny naked, and for a mother of four she looked quite good. Her pussy was trimmed her tits were quite firm. I laid Jenny down on the bed and went down on her.

She tasted nice and grabbed my head and held it down on her pussy until she came. After this Jenny pushed me onto my back and proceeded to give me a blowjob.

Jenny kept this up for a few minutes the mounted me. Jenny rode me and she came again quite quickly. I rolled Jenny over and entered her from behind. She was so hat and wet, I slipped straight into her. Soon I grabbed her hips and burried myself deep inside her pussy and unloaded. Jenny grabbed hold of me and pulled me into her.

After we both calmed down Jenny remembered that her husband had had a vasectomy and she was not protected. I told her we would speak about this in the morning and went and joined my wife in bed.

I woke up in the morning and my wife was still asleep, so I went to have a shower. I was in there for only a few minutes and Jenny joined me. Soon I was hard and I began to play with Jenny's pussy and she was wet. I entered her and continued from where I had left off last night. Soon I felt my balls boil and told Jenny I was cumming. Jenny pushed back and told me to cum in her so I did. She turned around and we kissed. Jenny told me to take my wife home and come back to take her to the chemist for the morning after pill.

I have slept with Jenny another four times and she and I both agreed that this would be our little secret, and that shae wants this to continue.