Written by Paul

19 Oct 2012

I thought I would share some more adventures of my wife's friend Jenny and myself. As I said in my previous post that We had slept together on another four occasions. These are two of those occasions that get my horny just recalling them.

The first happened about a month after our first encounter and thankfully the morning after pill worked. My wife was away for the school holidays with the kids at her parents house and I stayed behind due to work. I was at the shops and I bumped into Jenny and asked me how I was coping with everyone away. I told her I was doing fine. Jenny told me her husband was away with the kids for the weekend so she had an empty house as well. Jenny invited me around for dinner and I quickly accepted.

When I arrived dinner was ready and we sat down and ate. The dinner conversation was casual and from it I sensed Jenny was quite relaxed but our previous encounter was a one off and I though nothing was going to happen tonight. How wrong was I. We finished dinner and did the washing up and Jenny told me it was time for desert, and grabbed me and dragged me to the bedroom. We were all over each other and began to remove each others cloths until we were both naked. I laid Jenny on the bed and began to lick her pussy. She tasted just as good as the first time and she was wet as hell.

Soon Jenny came and grabbed my head and held it into her pussy. After she recovered Jenny started to suck me and I was hard in no time. Jenny moved into a 69 position on top of me and I began to finger her pussy. Jenny was soon thrusting back and I inserted a finger into her arse. This sent her wild and she then sat upright and pushed her pussy into my face as she came again. Jenny rolled off me and reached into her bedside draw a produced a condom and rolled it onto my cock, saying that this was easier then the morning after pill.

Jenny bent over and I entered her from behind. I grabbed her hips and started to pound her. She buried her head into the pillow and told me to fuck her hard. I again inserted a finger into her arse and she started to meet my thrusts. Jenny pulled away from me and rolled over onto her back and ordered me on top of her. Soon again I was inside her pussy and it was not long and I came. Jenny wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep inside her.

Soon we both recovered and got dressed and I thanked Jenny for dinner and told her that the desert was the highlight of the night. Jenny thanked me with a kiss and told me we will have to catch up again.

Fast forward three weeks and Jenny, her husband, my wife and myself were at a wedding of mutual friends. Jenny and my wife were both bridesmaids and both looked hot. At the reception I complemented her on her appearance and Jenny told me it was nice that someone had noticed looking towards her husband. I was the designated driver for the night so was not drinking.

When the dancing began I was dancing with my wife when she suggested that I should ask Jenny to dance as she was still seated as her husband was only interested in drinking. Jenny and I shared a nice dance and I got to admire her hotness again. Soon some of the guests wanted to leave so I started the minibus and departed on the first run. When I returned my wife told me she was not feeling the best and wanted to leave, and Jenny told me that she was taking her husband home. With the bus loaded we departed. After dropping off my wife we dropped of Jenny's husband, and Jenny rejoined us on the bus. We dropped the rest of the guests off and headed back to the reception. On the way Jenny began to rub my leg and told me to find a quiet spot.

As soon as I had stopped the minibus Jenny was all over me and we were kissing. Jenny broke away from the kiss moved into the back of the minibus, pulled up her skirt and removed her g-string and threw it at me. It was soaked and Jenny told me to get in there and fuck her. I joined her and dropped my pants. I asked Jenny if she had a condom and she told me no, and that we would just have to be careful. I entered Jenny and she was hot and wet and I began to thrust into her holding her hips. Jenny was pushing back to meet my thrusts and judging by the speed we were both going that we both would not last long. Jenny was soon cumming, and I could feel myself following closely. I told Jenny I was about to cum and asked her where she wanted it. Jenny turned her head around and told me not to stain the dress and just cum inside her. A couple more thrusts and I buried myself deep and unloaded inside her unprotected pussy. We re-arranged our clothes and headed back to the reception.

These were some more memorable encounters I have had with my wife's friend Jenny. I will write some more in the following weeks if people want to hear more.