Written by Hubby

28 Jan 2016

This is the story of what happened after (see 12/10/2015 wife's sneaky anniversary present ).

Well the naughty massage was over, and my beautiful naive wife Sam had been well and truly fucked by the masseur , now as the previous story explained I had set most of that massage session up ,however Sam did not know this , she just thought it was going to be a sensual massage after a lovely anniversary day/night ,but how wrong she was .

Now this was to be her second naughty sexual encounter outside of our marriage , and she thinks that I am to dumb to be aware of it , I have for many years been (like most guys on here ),trying unsuccessfully for her to get some strangers cock in her , without success , more the opposite , which often happens.

Now in a previous story she got fucked by a resort attendant (she still thinks I was drunk and asleep).

And in the last story , the masseur , gave her an almighty fuck on the table .(see previous story).

Okay so this is what happened afterwards.

Sam was flustered .disheveled , and had that distinctive"I've just been fucked look" , however she could get away with it as it also looked like "I've just had a massage look".

As this was our anniversary night ,she knew that she would be expected to make love to her beloved Husband (that's me of course) .

So I said to Sam "how was that my darling , did you enjoy your massage" she replied " I did , but I thought it was a bit naughty , laying there in my naughty Knickers an all , and I certainly did not expect for him to pull my knickers down that far " I replied " usually the client is supposed to be naked , so as the masseur can get in to all the right places" Sam replied "I think he got into all the right places ".

Sam thinks that I was in the study on the computer , when the sex took place , so I did not comment any further .

So I gave her a big hug and kiss and said happy anniversary darling , and led her into our bedroom .

Sam realized that I was about to initiate for sex to occur , and she kept on about having to have a shower , as she felt all oily .

I replied " don't be silly , you will need another one after I'm done with you ".

Now we have not had sex in quite awhile , so she had to look interested , so as not to arouse suspicion , so I led her to the bed and started to play with her tits , and kissing her (but this was all for show,all I really wanted was to lick her dirty married pussy) I got her nipples all hard after sucking each one .

When I slipped my hand in to her knickers she was drenched , and as I was fingering her I said " fuck me you've got a very wet cunt " to which she replied " you know I don't like that word " "and anyway its because we have had a lovely anniversary , and you have not made love to me in ages" .

Oh , and here am I thinking that Adam the masseur , must have excited you a bit .

I then pulled my fingers out and as most men do I sniffed and licked them , commenting that " wow your cunt smells good " "gross " was all she had to say.

As i started to pull her knickers down she tried to look away and was trying to keep them on, and said" just pull them to one side and do it that way"

No way , I want to look at your beautiful wet pussy (deliberately not using the C word ) , so down they came .

Well the visual in front of me was , just what all us guys want to see , black lacy knickers ,soaking wet and just covered in spunk and her pussy juices , the aroma , was making me dizzy , her pussy , was different tonight , it was all puffed up and swollen ,angry looking , it had slimy wet goo all around her pussy lips , a dribble running down to her bum , and now her lovely pussy now looked like , a thoroughly well fucked dirty married cunt.(which of course is what I have always wanted to see.

Sam was embarrassed and trying to pull the sheets over her thinking that I might notice that she had been fucked , but I was having none of it , instead I pushed her legs back up to her chest and proceeded to lick her sloppy ,smelly cunt out.

now it was about this time that Sam thought she had got away with her infidelity and was now getting very excited herself and proceeded to get from under me and climb up and sit on my face , which she knows is my favorite thing to do when we are fucking .

So she lowers herself down on my face and says "happy anniversary darling ".

I was licking and sucking (almost drinking the mess pouring out of her cunt) and fingering her so as to pull more spunk out of her , I was rubbing her G spot (yes they do exist) , and Sam was going right off , something she very rarely does .

Well I ventured upwards and started to lick around her tight little bum hole , (which she only lets me do on very special occasions) .

Sam rocked herself all over my face and had a almighty orgasm , shaking and shuddering , and something that has never happened she squirted a little bit .

I in the meantime blew all over her face , which is also one of Sam's 'no no's ' .

I would like to say that I then got hard again and fucked her silly , but that only ever happens only in porno's and as I had come twice this night , it was not going to happen , and I doubt if she would have felt me anyway.

"You can have your shower now" was all I said" and oh you can leave leave those knickers with me".