Written by KandZ

7 Mar 2011

She did it again - another email at work!! Such a tease!

Hopefully more of theseto come......

He told me to come in the side door, he would leave it open for me and be waiting.

I pulled up out the front and sat in my car for a minute, my heart was racing and I was definitely wet! I pulled my g string off and left it in the car..easy access was on my mind!

I slowly crept up the steps, through he door and into the bedroom, exactly how we had discussed a million times throughout the day with our back and forth foreplay games.

He was lying on the bed with his back to the door naked, I ran my hand over his hip and could immediately feel his well erect cock, he had been waiting for me and was rock hard.

He rolled over and ran his hands up my thighs taking my dress off at the same time, I was so ready for his cock, I climbed over him so my juicy pussy was resting on his hard cock, just enough so he could feel my wetness and tease the fuck out of him.

I made my way down to his cock gliding my tongue up and down and taking it as deep as I could, just as I could feel him getting close to cuming he pulled me up to him forced me onto my back and held my wrists down as he began fucking my pussy with his tongue, hard and fast. I was moving my hips with the motion of his tongue grinding on his mouth, all I needed now was cock.

He slide inside me hard, one solid push and I was ready to explode. He turned me over and began fucking me from behind, grapping and pulling at my ass till I was begging him to fuck me harder!

All I wanted to do was fuck, he grabbed my hair and pulled me back towards him, I was in heaven.

We fucked together like crazy, sweaty hot juicy fucking, I came all over his cock and he came all over me.