Written by cointreau

11 Nov 2013

A few years ago my mrs worked with this pretty little girl her parents were JW's and disowned her because she was going out wit a guy that wasn't a JW everyone would check her out when she walked in the room after going with the guy for a couple of years they got engaged he was a real jerk.

My mrs and I had quite a good collection of home made movies of us the weekend before she was getting married she stayed at our place for the week the mrs and I went out Saturday afternoon and she turned the tv on only to find one of our movies on pause apparently she watched it a lot and by the time we got home only an hour later she was as horny as all hell mrs needed an arvo nap and i got in the shower after about a minute in the shower i was grabbed on the cock around the shower curtain my wife mst of been pretty horny sso I said are you going to wast that or are you going to suck it instantly she said close your eyes first so I did and was getting an unbelievable head job I was just about to cum so I looked down moved the shower curtain and surprise it was my wifes friend she got nervous and said do you want me to stop are you kidding I thought she was fantastic at giving head so I just grabbed he head from behind and guided her gorgeous mouth straight back to my cock before long I was about to cum and warned her she just took me deeper and deeper swallowing every drop she just kept going so long the hot water tank ran out I blew 2 times and she just kept going.

After I asked her where that came from and she told me her fiance had never let her do it she also told me she found the video of us and knowing I liked it she was so horny she couldn't resist the temptation when my wife went to bed.

she told me she had never sucked a cock before but wow did my cock get a workout that week at least three or four time a day she would suck my cock even when my wife and I were asleep she would sneak in and suck me dry every time up to 1 hour before her own wedding and the reception save that for later still see her for the same 18 yrs later