Written by wifetoshare

29 Aug 2014

Last night was the fourth occasion I have slept with Cate. It all began just a few short weeks ago.

I responded to a posting on SH a few months ago and began an online conversation with the husband of a beautiful, young Filipina girl who he was desperate to share.

A prerequisite for the sharing he proposed was that I appear to be an old friend of the husband which is what transpired. I learned that I was to be her third lover; fourth if you include the husband and when I met her for the first time I was overjoyed at the prospect. At around 5'5" and 50kg with long straight black hair she was slim and sexy with perfectly formed legs and small pert but amazing full breasts. I let her know that I was attracted at that first meeting and with some behind the scenes help from the husband in the following days, obtained her Yahoo Messenger address. We began chatting.

By the time we met again some two weeks later she was fully aware that I wanted her to be my lover. Despite being terribly shy, her appearance at the second meeting in black leggings and a button down top left nothing to the imagination and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. My nine inch friend (Fido) felt the same and was straining at the bit to get started.

At around ten pm I went to bed unsure if there was to be any action, leaving her in the lounge with her husband who, after a short period brought her to my room and asked if I wanted to sleep with her. I naturally jumped at the chance and minutes later she was naked and in my arms. She has, I have since learned, this quite beautiful need to obtain her husbands renewed consent before each union.

There was something almost ethereal about holding this amazing girl as she slipped naked between the covers. Despite being in her late thirties she has the body and limbs of a very fit, nubile teenager. I pride myself on being fashionably fit, despite my advancing years, and hoped I was up for the perceived challenge. The more we kissed the more I relished the thought of owning her; of making her mine. It was like a step back in time as I ran my hands over her silky soft, unblemished skin, glowing warmly in the light from muted bedside lamp. Fido was throbbing and doing a gig under the sheets in anticipation of what was to come and when my fingers found her sex and slipped easily into her slippery, amazingly tight vagina, he almost broke ranks and dropped his load. I did my best to keep him under control and make the moment last but it was touch and go for a while.

Just to hold someone young enough to be your daughter and feel the excitement running through her firm, slim body was every bit as wonderful as knowing she was mine for the taking. Her warm sweet breath on my skin as we kissed was heaven sent. She lifted her breasts above my face indicating that she wanted her nipples sucked. I obliged and took her pea sized teat with my mouth. She moaned with pleasure and began small thrusting movements with her hips. My hand cupped her other breast which I discovered was exactly the right size. Neither too big nor too small and more perfect in shape than any man has the right to expect. It all felt like an amazing dream from which I was sure to awaken at any moment. I found myself wondering at how fortunate I was to have stumbled across the most perfect female I have ever seen and trust me, over the years I have seen and been with quite a few.

When her dainty fingers encircled good old Fido for the first time all thoughts of waking from the dream evaporated. This was real. She was real. I tried to imagine what must be going through her mind as she fondled Fido for the first time. Without boasting, I am well endowed with a very thick, nine inch, cut cock and if what my probing fingers told me was true, she was up for a very big surprise any time soon.

In an attempt to extend the moment I guided her feet onto the floor and when she was standing sat on the edge of the bed and stared. I kissed and examined every centimetre of her heavenly flesh from her knees to her neck. By the time I was finished I knew every crevice and mound of her ageless body. I licked at her juices and was overjoyed at the size and placement of her large firm clitoris. I gently finger fucked her for a few minutes and watched intently as her face revealed her pleasure. She dropped to her knees and took Fido into her hands. She licked away the long stream of pre-cum that flowed down onto my scrotum then stroked the shaft as if it was the most precious gift in the world. I could feel my juices boiling up and had to exert all my mental control to stop from blowing.

More than ever as the moments slid by I wanted to own this beautiful nymph. I wanted to ask her right then if she would be mine, only mine but feared that she may be frightened and turn away. I took her slender hands into mine and guided her onto my lap, our bodies facing each other, my legs between hers. I kissed her lips and tasted my pre-cum. She began to move her hips involuntarily as my hands encircled her buttocks. As if by magic she read my mind and took charge of Fido. With some effort she guided his swollen head into her waiting slit. I concentrated on her face for the inevitable expression of pain, not wanting to damage her in any way by moving too fast. Centimetre by centimetre Fido found his way into her fabulous folds. Her body began to shake like a leaf in a breeze as her tissue stretched. I had a momentary thought that her husband would possibly regret giving her to me because her vagina would never be the same again then smiling, consoled myself with the knowledge that she was here because he wanted her to be here.

With prior knowledge from my probing fingers I knew that her oversized cervix was only a short distance inside her opening. It was when Fido found this obstruction that his progress was halted. I licked at her nipples and she threw her head back exposing her amazingly long smooth neck which I kissed and licked while my hands exerted increasing pressure on her buttocks. The attention to her teats brought a further rush of lubrication from deep within her body. She moaned softly and began moving in unison with the pressure of my hands. Even though less than a quarter of my organ was inside her we began to fuck. "I want you so much baby" I said as I felt Fido calling for back up. She said nothing. "Promise me baby that you are mine" I asked as the rhythm quickened. Still no response. I leaned back and pushed hard into her whilst maintaining pressure on her buttocks. Fido slipped past her cervix and filled her inner recesses. She cried out. "Are you OK?" I asked concerned, our thrusting suspended. Her eyes opened and she nodded. "Did I hurt you baby?" I asked and she shook her head. I began to slowly thrust again with almost the full length of my organ now deeply imbedded in her beautiful body. She met my thrusts with perfectly times movements of her own offering her nipples to be sucked once more as the coital pleasure mounted.

Responding to her unspoken directions I moved carefully until I was laying on my back on the bed. She remained impaled on Fido but was now totally in charge in the cowgirl position. With a mischievous glint in her eyes she began to ride me using every centimetre of my shaft to drive her mounting pleasure. Ever few strokes she would arch her back, lean forward and press her clitoris against my shaft moaning with obvious pleasure. I watched her slim form in the subdued lamp light and was in wonder and awe at how nature could produce such perfection. It took all my willpower to control my climax but every fibre of my being wanted her to be satisfied which meant, whatever happened, her needs came first. Fast then slow. Hard then soft. Deep then shallow her body used my organ for her pleasure.

I had been made aware that she was a virgin until she married two short years before and that her sexual experience was limited but, to my mind, she needed no tuition. Her breath began to come in short pants and it was obvious she was concentrating on reaching her climax. I wanted more than anything to come with her. To have simultaneous climaxes. I had only once before found this joy and that was with a teenager I met at a school dance. It was against school rules for a teacher to fuck a student but needs must and she was impossible to ignore. I reached up and cupped her perfect breasts my mouth craving them. She began to whimper as her energy waned. Reading her anguish I took hold of her soft round hips and helped her rise and fall. Despite being firm and childlike her breasts began to bounce with the strength of her thrusts. "Keep gong baby!" I instructed as my whole nine inches penetrated her now cavernous but previously amazingly tight vagina. I had a moments thought about fisting afterwards her but let it go.

It may have been a minute later, possibly two or even just a few seconds but the noise we made when we both erupted was enough to wake the dead. Fido expelled his pent up, hot seed inside her like a bomb exploding, filling her delicate body with wave after wave of super heated, sterilised cum, blending my passion with her own and driving her climax into wave after wave of excruciating pleasure. Small tentative movements persisted as she lay prone on top of me like a wounded animal in the throes of death. I caressed her beautiful straight back and head and fondled her long plaited hair. I squeezed her small firm buttocks and fingered her moist anus. She kissed my chest as I reached down and pulled up the covers. "I love you so much" I said quietly. There was no response.

Sometime during the night our sated bodies adjusted to new positions but however we lay we were together, a mass of entwined arms and legs. We woke and kissed for what seemed an eternity until sleep drifted back and we moved on to another time. As the new days sun brightened the morning sky I slipped my morning woody into her still wet vagina. She indicted that she was tender and asked me to go slowly. I obliged and the experience of cumming within her now less demanding body was every bit as perfect as the night before.

Because I simply couldn't stop thinking about her I drove the eighty kilometres back to her house to sleep with her again that night. We may never recreate the joy of our first coupling but our bodies are so in tune we need few words to find new exciting ways of demonstrating our joy at the beauty of sex. Her husband, who she treasures in a way I envy and will possibly never know, is overjoyed that we have succeeded in filling a need in her that he is unable to satisfy. Their marriage is not in doubt and I believe she loves him even more each time I return for another sleep over. Fortunately my partner, soon to be wife, is supportive of the relationship and we hope as time goes by to explore wider fields of joint sexual pleasure.