Written by wifetoshare

5 May 2014

She was a 35 year old virgin when we married but not because she was not attractive. In fact she could pass for seventeen. It was simply her upbringing and culture that kept her pure plus she had studied at university for almost a decade before beginning work in Manila which left no time for dating.

Another reason for her lack of experience is that any Filipina don't like Filipino men and she had held a desire to marry a foreign man since her teens.

The first time we fucked was messy and painful but she quickly got the hang of it and before long began to initiate sex.

After she migrated to Australia, to satisfy my long held desire to have a threesome I introduced her to a friend. She agreed to meet him and the first night together we shared her. Despite many wonderful couplings she eventually decided she didn't want to do it anymore which disappointed me as I had hoped it would be a long lasting relationship. My friend missed being with her so badly that he subsequently found and married a Filipina himself.

About a year later I decided to try again which is when I met a guy on swingersheaven. He subsequently met us both in person ostensibly to discuss an employment opportunity using her degree. She was unaware she was also being viewed as a potential sex partner. They began to chat on Yahoo messenger and gradually he introduced intimacy into the conversation beginning with an apologetic remark about how he loved her legs. She wore a very, very short skirt over tiny, short shorts at the first meeting, not to be seductive but just because that's what she likes to wear. One thing lead to another and I more or less condoned his behaviour in an email which she discovered and read. She said she was disappointed I would prostitute her in that way but never-the-less, continued to chat online with him.

About six weeks later he returned to begin some in depth discussions about the work opportunity. They sat side by side at her computer in the study. Eventually, he later explained to me, he garnered the courage to touch her on the shoulders whilst standing behind her chair. When she didn't object he kissed her neck and later while seated again he fondled her legs. She didn't object allowing him to swivel her chair so she was facing him. He then ran his hands up and down her thighs and under her skirt, letting his fingers gently touch her pussy. He said she didn't stop him when he lifted her into his arms and lay her down on the bed his fingers slipping inside her panties and into her dripping wet vagina.

At about 10.30 that night he returned after a business meeting and at my suggestion they returned to the study for more 'work'. I went to bed and around midnight she came to join me. She was till fully clothed but seemed reluctant to undress. I asked her why she hadn't stayed with him in the study/second bedroom. She said because he didn't ask. I called out and asked him if he wanted her with him. He naturally said 'YES". I took her back and gave her into his waiting arms.

She returned about an hour or so later full of cum and smelling divine. I fucked her myself and revelled in the feeling.

It's now several months later and they are committed lovers. She is happy to belong to us both and we share her completely. The threesomes are a little one sided as she wants to be with him as much as possible given the lack of frequency of their meetings. They have fucked nine times now and it gets better and better every time they meet. She enjoys sucking him off and he spends hours with his head between her legs.

I am confident that this union will last forever. Never-the-less I welcome any approach from other potential lovers. She needs cock more regularly and I want to give it to her.