Written by John

27 Jan 2017

I have written about when Jill and I first meet then not much was happening till we went to work party company was having in another state when we arrived there was a lot of people there Jill had on a lacy bra see through blouse and a short denim skirt which showed off her big arse and nice big sexy legs no nickers we mingled and had some nibbles and drinks not finding anyone else there from our branch we started chatting with a group of people getting to know them when one older guy asked if we were staying at the venue to which I replied yes then he told us most of them were but there a lot of the wives didn't come so I decided this might be a good time to disappear for a bit and went to the loo the older guy guy followed and when there he said your wife looks very hot and sexy to which I just replied she always has been and likes to show what she has when we got back to the group I could see she was getting very friendly with a couple of guys one was descreetly rubbing her arse and I heard him say to the older man she hasn't any nickers on the older block got on the other side and started to rub the other arse cheek realising the young block was right tuned her into the corner to be less visible and they were soon under her skirt rubbing her bear arse soon one suggested they go to her room she just pulled the skirt down and said to me are you coming and off we went only 4 men followed when we got to the room the older man undressed straight away and walked over and started to undress Jill slowly working her nipples as he went as the skirt came off his hand went for Jill's pussy he said to the others she fucking wet he laid her on the bed and started licking at her cunt another man about 35 got on one side of her head and shoved about 7" thin cock in her mouth then another on her other side his cock was more like mine 6.5" and fairly fat while taking it in turns sucking the cocks she was thrusting wild at being eaten out the man giving oral moved up to shove his now very hard cock into her about 8" and a nice thickness she came as he enters her he waited a bit then started humping slowly at first then just fucking her hard telling Jill she was a really good fuck after about 10 minutes she came again but so did he as her got the fourth guy who was very young and had been just stroking his average size cock got between her legs and just hammered her the older man said to ease off but the guy kept hammering and after they both came said his wife only lets him go very slow and the hard fast fuck felt good the other two guys came one in her mouth and the other all over her tits they had a spell and all fucked Jill's cunt once more making her come several times when they left we then fucked for hours and I loved taking the slops carn't wait for next time a waisted trip for work but not for Jill