29 Jun 2016

My wife works in housing, we have a somewhat open relationship, after several decades together. We still have some erotic times, and more when we travel. Mrs H is a fairly quiet person, but at 6 ft tall and slim leggy with a nice rack, gets occasional attention. Its been many years since she had a regular FB, I know that life, kids and working stifles that side of mid life.

Every so often when intimacy arrives I love to fantasy chat...pries out what may have recently occurred or just observational thoughts in her life.

During a heated lovemaking evening, the name..Peter.. came out.

Peter it seems is a manager with a domestic building organisation with an office in a display precinct.

Mrs H has to report to him on the activities that her company is providing to the houses.

I must be getting older, as I am now informed that the last 3 months she has come home with a soggy, wet satisfied pussy 3 times.

Don't you hate that. Peter's desk has been getting a workout, as has Mrs H with her actually concerned that the noise was considerable into the sales office area on the last occasion and she feels there is some more conversational interest with her in the garage "sales office" when she went there yesterday.

Good luck Peter, don't wear it out mate. Maybe next time I will catch her coming home with a filled look.