Written by fuck buddy

18 Dec 2010

I had been working at a cafe for a while, working through the night as it was only open when the nightclub next door was open. It was was easy to get bored of working seving drunks all the time, so it was nice when a new guy started as the cook and started paying lots of attention to me. One night we were to work on our own. He had come in early and prepared everything, so we had plenty of time before work started. He called me into the storeroom on the pretence of looking for something when he grabbed me and kissed me, pushing me against the freezer.

After kissing for a while, he shoved his hand down my jeans, finding that I wan't wearing any underwear. He started teasing my clit and rubbing it gently but firmly and with skill. I ran my hands down his firm chest to the bulge straining his trousers, teasing his hard cock through his pants. Before long, I had to release his lovely 8 inch cock and stroke it. He undid my jeans, pushing them down, then turned me around so I was pushed over the top of the freezer, and without a pause had shoved his cock into my very willing, and wet, pussy. I thought I heard someone come into the shop, but didn't care.....the boss never came in....

He fucked me hard and fast, not worrying about taking things slowly or gently, using me like a slut.....I lapped it up.....it didn't take long before he started panting and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. Pushing back against his cock, we got a furious rythmn going, by now he had my hips in his hands, pulling me back onto him so his cock was deep in my pussy. I reached down and started to rub my clit. It wasn't long until I felt my pussy start to quiver. I knew that feeling and as he came deep inside me - I came, and did something I hadn't done in a very long time - I squirted..... all over the freezer. As his cum dripped out of my still quivering pussy, we pulled up our pants and walked out into the cafe, where we found a guy waiting with a big smile on his face and a suspicious bulge in his pants.....I hadn't realised that the door to the cafe was wide open and anyone could see into the storeroom....and as the door hadn't been shut properly.....