Written by Countrybloke

3 Jun 2016

Wow what a night in bris a few beers were had with some mates walking back to motel at about 3 am walking along this bloke says hello said hey back start talking says his wife is in bed already said he was going to go home and throw a leg over said should let me join as a joke well this bloke took it seriously so then continued walked to were he was staying walk in bedroom door was closed house was dark I walk in to room he wakes her says he had a gift she said what is it I said hi I still could not see her I say on the bed ran my hand across her body she did the same to me before I knew it I was kissing her her husband asked me if he could watch I said only if you mind if I have sex with your wife before I knew it I had a good understanding of what her body was like and I felt wet lips around my then hard cock I could not believe it I was walking home to go to bed now I was in a room to a lady I had said hi to that was it has her mouth wrapped around my cock wow I said she had then slid her legs around side on and I could feel how wet she was I flipped her over on her back and put it nice and deep inside her at this stage the husband was throbbing she gave him oral as I started to really pound her nice tight pussy she let out a huge moan I could feel that things really just got wet she rolled me over and went down and sucked every drop of my shaft at that stage her husband got behind her and gave it to her she still had so much concentration for my cock thow she then jumped back on top of me pushing her chest right in to my face my hands running down her back my fingers just glanced her ass I could feel the wetness dripping out as she bounced her way she then said do me up the ass the husband I think nealy passed out I had unleashed something amazing she got up and drenched my cock in wetness again with her mouth then layed presenting her ass for me to have I then pushed in ,,,,my fingers deep inside her pussy at the same time I started to really pound she came again and again I said I am going to explode were you want it ,,, she jumped off got on her knees and took a massive load over her face in her mouth and continued until every drop was gone I layed back I looked over the husband just nodded his head and said well done I got up got dressed and said bye guys walked out the door never seen them again very wild night well had ....