Written by Jameseryos

28 Mar 2017

I live around a university and had noticed how many Chinese girls there were in my neighborhood. I thought to myself, 'I've never fucked a Chinese girl, surely they'd like to get to know a nice local'. So I signed up to Tinder for the first time ever, in early 2017.

Tinder is such an amazing thrill at first use, these so many beautiful people on it and you presume that everyone is up for sex, I learnt out that wasn't so.

I was mainly looking for close proximity girls (which there were plenty of) but Asian....which there weren't many of...and none seemed to be from China, the real Chinese use WeChat....but fuck downloading another app!

So after a couple days I had 3 aussie asian girls that I was chatting with. One girl kind of dropped off my radar and then the other two were quite constant chatting with me. I was trying to organise meets, but they were busy with study or work and it kind of felt like I was getting blown off.

Then one night, out of the blue the first girl sends me a message. 'Are you up for something tonight? But you need to stay the night'

I replied, 'yeah, where at?'

She sent me her address and I went over. When I got to her address I messaged her to say I was there. She just replied back saying the front door was open and her room was the first door to the right....this was crazy..anyone could be in there! But being a horny male, I went in.

I opened the front door and it was pitch black, no lights on at all. I opened the bedroom door and pitch black again, nothing but an iphone charging light on. I asked out her name and heard her reply from the far corner...I could see an outline of the bed so I took off my clothes and got in.

She went to kiss me hello, but I reached straight for her pussy. I wanted her to know this was no lovely meet and greet-get to know you better, this was a raw, instinctual fuck...that she had basically designed anyway.

Her pussy was burning hot...she must have been playing with it terribly hard while she waited for me...it was beyond the creamy stage. You know when you fuck a woman for so long that the cream goes almost watery and doesn't lube that well anymore...she was at that stage.

She got on top of me and wanted to slide in, but firstly I didnt have a condom on, and secondly, I wanted head first...it had been a while. My wife doesnt do head, it was one of the reasons she said I could screw around (but she mainly likes the stories and the occasional viewing..)

I asked this girl if she could deepthroat, she said 'yes'...I said, 'go for it'. I know you'll think I'm exaggerating just for the story, but it was the 2nd best head I ever got, the best is another story...;)

So deepthroated me for as long as I could hold out, but I didn't want to cum right away, so I stopped her, put on my franga and bent her over. She had creamed back up now and I slid in easily. I was pounding her from behind, but I was getting a strange feedback from her pussy. She was pushing her internal pussy muscles back at me while I fucked her...I couldn't get right in deep. It was like a challenge, so I pumped slower and harder to try and force my cock against her swelling pussy. I jacked in a few more times and eventually exploded in the franga...

We stopped and chatted for a bit, until I pushed my hips into her mouth and forced her to give me another bj. So I had her face down on the pillow and I was just fucking her mouth, going right through her cheek. She was struggling to breath, but was a real trooper! I asked her if I could cum in her mouth, she said it was ok...or thats what I gathered and within a couple minutes I unloaded in her mouth again....it was the best bj I had ever got!

Although I had originally told her I would stay the night, I knew my wife wanted me home to taste my cock, so I basically got up and left...with a poor excuse that she seemed to believe...as I saw her again and this story is even better.

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