Written by Beach Lover

16 Jul 2011

Rachel and I had been sharing some fun together for a few weeks, both exploring each other’s naughty side. We’d met at a mutual friend’s ‘play party,’ so we knew from the outset that each had a very naughty side. Rachel was a tall, buxom brunette with long straight hair that almost reached her deliciously curvy arse. Definitely not a slim girl, Rachel carried her curves very well. She had long, shapely legs that led to wide hips and the type of round arse cheeks that you just wanted to slide your cock between. She was obviously proud of her large natural breasts, and took every opportunity to show them off. Now in her mid-thirties, the breasts were just starting to succumb to gravity, taking on a slightly pendulous magnificence that only served to enhance her womanly charms.

Over a couple of weeks we’d played several times, but except for the party where we’d met our encounters had been one on one. Both of us wanted to add more cock and pussy to our play but hadn’t got around to arranging it.

With the arrival of summer, we decided to get out of the city on the weekend and head down to Byron Bay for a naughty weekend. I arranged to finish work at lunch time, changed out of my business suit, collected Rachel from her flat and headed south. On the drive down I’d told Rachel about Kings Beach, describing the beautiful little beach and some of the shenanigans that happen beneath the pandanus palms. Stopping for lunch at an old country pub off the highway, Rachel quizzed me more about nudist beaches while she played with my leg beneath the table. We’d hardly checked into our holiday apartment when Rachel asked me to take her to Kings Beach.

Piling back into the car for the short drive, I couldn’t wait to get there, shed our clothes and feel the afternoon sun on our bodies. We arrived at the car park and headed down the beautiful track to the beach. As the beach came into view, Rachel’s face beamed with a nervous smile. We reached the beach and started looking around for a suitable spot to roll out our towels. As we walked along the beach Rachel glanced at the naked people sunning themselves on the sand, walking the beach or swimming. There were mainly men, both by themselves and in couples, with only two male-female couples. For a moment I wondered whether the lack of too many other females would make Rachel uncomfortable.

Towards the far end of the beach we found a shady spot, laid out our towels and started to strip off. I stripped naked, but perhaps because it was her visit to a nude beach, Rachel left her bikini bottoms on. Rachel broke out the sunscreen and we both slip slop slapped, rubbing the lotion on bodies lily white from the recent winter and too many hours at our desks.

As we lay in the afternoon sun watching the comings and goings on the beach, Rachel commented on the young men who kept walking into the pandanus forest that bordered the beach, speculating on what the attraction might be.

After a little while we both ran to the sea for a dip. We embraced and kissed. Beneath the cover of the water, Rachel reached down and fondled my balls and stroked my cock. I slid my hands beneath her bikini bottoms so that I could need her sexy arse. We kissed violently. I slide the crotch of Rachel’s bikini bottoms to one side and slide my cock into her pussy. Rachel wrapped her legs around me and for a minute we fucked in the sea. Perhaps suspecting that the sight of our entwined bodies beneath the surface was tipping off those on the beach to what we were really up, Rachel swam away and I tried to console myself by remembering that day wasn’t over yet.

We left the water and returned to our towels to dry off. My cock was rock hard as we walked up the beach. I could feel the eyes of several men on both of us. At this point Rachel decided to lose her bikini bottoms, saying that now they were wet it made sense to take them off. Her hands went to her hips and her fingers slid the spaghetti-string sides of her bikini bottoms down her thighs as she wriggled out of them. Rachel laid her panties out on her towel and stood back up to reveal her lovely pussy with its well-trimmed ‘landing strip’ of black hair above her luscious labia, her fat pussy lips on display for all to see.

Rachel grabbed my hand and went to lead me off for a walk along the beach. I hesitated, wanting to grab my beach towel in order to cover my hard on. Sensing my embarrassment, Rachel whispered in my ear: ‘Don’t worry about that, everybody else seems to be enjoying it.’ Now it was Rachel who had to make me relax. Forgetting my towel, we set off along the beach hand in hand.

There were fewer people about now. Those who remained seemed to be getting more adventurous. Only one male-female couple remained, an otherwise ordinary couple in their late forties by the looks it, tucked away under the shade of a tree. As we walked closer to them we could see that the man’s cock was fully erect, pointing skywards. Both of them watched us walk along the beach. The man’s cock seemed to grow even harder as he obviously took in Rachel’s beauty. His left hand was between the female’s legs. As we passed them the woman parted her legs wide allowing us to plainly see the man’s fingers pleasuring her fanny.

Rachel squeezed my hand and giggled.

We walked farther along the beach towards a guy walking up from the sea, water dripping down his hard muscular body. As he crossed in front of us he looked our way and flashed us both a cheeky smile. Rachel’s tongue almost hit the ground as she followed his semi-hard uncut willy and his toned arse. He walked up towards a slim guy with wavy dark hair who was lying at the edge of the beach and who we hadn’t noticed before. The Swimmer towelled off and his friend passed him a bottle of suntan oil.

Soon we reached the end of the beach and turned to retrace our steps. Looking back up the beach we could see the Swimmer standing with his legs apart as he rubbed coconut oil on to his muscular chest. His friend was sitting upright and was applying more oil to the Swimmer’s legs. As we walked closer to the two men we could plainly see that the Swimmer had a raging hard on that was almost brushing against the other man’s face.

Rachel’s pace quickened and her path veered slightly up the beach towards the two men. No doubt noticing that he’d captured our attention, the Swimmer said something to his friend, threw a large double beach towel over his shoulder and the two men walked in to the undergrowth.

‘Darling, I want to see if those stories you told me are true,’ Rachel said as she led me towards the track that the two men had followed. My heart was already racing and by the time we reached the undergrowth I too had a ragging hard on. We waited for a second or so, allowing our eyes to become accustomed to the gloom. Tracks ran off in several directions. There was no sign of the two guys. We started off on a track that meandered off to the right.

Suddenly, as we rounded a bend in the track there were the two men. The Swimmer was standing facing us, only ten feet away. The other guy was on his knees with the Swimmer’s cock in his mouth. The Swimmers eyes met ours and there was that cheeky smile again. Rachel gasped and took a step back. I held her hand tighter. The wavy-haired guy on his knees looked as if he was in his mid twenties. He had a slim body and obviously knew how to suck cock. He licked the Swimmer’s shaved balls and then turned to look both of us in the eye and gestured for us to join them.

I could feel Rachel hesitate. Somehow I sensed that her hesitation wasn’t from revulsion, but purely that she couldn’t believe her luck. Tapping her playfully on the bottom, I step forward. As I reached the two men the Swimmer reached out and grabbed my cock, rubbing his fingers along the length of my shaft and tickling my balls. He then steered my cock to his friend’s mouth. The guy on his knees sucked the head of my cock before licking the underneath of my shaft as he slowly wanked me.

I looked over to Rachel who was fixated on proceedings. With the fingers of one hand she tweaked a protruding nipple while her other hand rubbed her clit slowly. ‘Rach, come and play!’ I moaned before turning my attention to the Swimmer’s cock that I was now stroking. The guy on his knees was alternating between sucking my cock and the Swimmer’s. Now he held our two cocks together kissing both heads. Our cocks were roughly the same size, around 7 or 8”, mine cut and the Swimmer’s uncut.

I felt the familiar touch of Rachel’s arms on my shoulders. Pressing her body against my back her hands ran through my chest hair. I twisted my head and kissed her hard on the mouth. Rachel is always a passionate kisser, but now her tongue was thrusting with a hitherto unknown intensity.

Rachel broke away from me and walked behind the swimmer, allowing a lazy finger to trace a line along the curve of his tanned arse. As my cock was being deep throated I watched Rachel caressed the Swimmer’s oil-soaked chest, her hand grinding his pecs. Rachel ran her hands down the Swimmer’s washboard stomach towards his rock hard cock. As her hand wrapped around his cock, Rachel licked along his jawline and neck. Their mouths met and they kissed with a primitive passion. The Swimmer caressed the small of Rachel’s back and her wondrous backside, while his other hand fondled one of pendulous breasts. Cupping one tit in his hand, he lifted it to his mouth and nibbled the brown bullet of her nipple.

The guy on his knees was still going to town on my cock, his head bobbing furiously as he sucked me off. His fingers fondled my balls and every so often he ran a finger gently along the skin between the base of my cock and my arsehole. Not only was I getting a mind-blowing blow job, but the sight of Rachel writhing wildly in the embrace of a stranger was driving me mild. I knew I was close to cumming, and as if to prove the point my new friend poked out his tongue to lick a drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

Rachel was on her knees. Her hands gripped the Swimmer’s arse before clapping around his cock and jiggling his shaft furiously. All the while caressing his cock and balls between her hands, Rachel ran her tongue along the Swimmer’s thighs and across his pelvis, her mouth moving slowly but inextricably towards his throbbing member. His cock strained between Rachel’s hands as she licked his shaft from the base to the tip of his head. What a sight!

My guy, sensing that I was about to blow released my cock from his mouth and turned his attention to the Swimmer, taking a ball in his mouth as Rachel swallowed the Swimmer’s cock.

Rachel reached over and grabbed my cock, pulling me over so that I was leaning against the Swimmer. Rachel held our two cocks together. Her tongue darted out teasing the tips of both cocks. The guy who had been polishing my knob joined the fray so that our two cocks bobbed in an out of his and Rachel’s mouths. Momentarily, both their mouths were on my cock. The guy started to suck my balls while Rachel sucked my knob as if her life depended on it. By now I was practically standing on top of the wavy-haired guy. I could feel his hands on my arse cheeks, pulling them apart so that his tongue could circle my arsehole before pressing hard against my sphincter. This was too much. My cock pulsed wave after wave of cum into Rachel’s mouth as the guy’s tongue probed my arse.

Rachel looked up at me, her eyes wide with wild abandoned lust. My cum dripped from her Cheshire Cat grin. The guy’s tongue probed my arse hard one last time and then ran up along my cock and licked the last drops of cum form my dick. I was in heaven. My whole body was tingling. I thought my legs were going to buckle beneath me. In an effort to remain upright I grabbed hold of the Swimmer’s waist, prompting him to grab hold of my arse. His cock was already in Rachel’s mouth. Her lips clamped tight around his head. Her mouth making vigorous sucking actions as her hand wanked his cock. The Swimmer’s grasp on my buttock tightened and I knew he was about to cum. Rachel must have sensed this too because she pointed the Swimmer’s cock at her outstretched tongue just in time for the first squirt of cum to land on her face. Further spurts left globules of hot cum on her tits. The wavy-haired guy leaned over and licked his friend’s cum from Rach’s breasts before kissing her. The sight of Rachel engaging in a cum-soaked pash with this young man instantaneously made me hard again.

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