13 Nov 2018

I always notice the women around me, I love older women, there's something sexy about the seduction of a mature woman. I Peoples sexual energy's are easy to spot, sometimes you can just tell someone is a naturally a sexual person. This was the case with Greta, an older european lady that I worked with. I had always fantasised about fucking her, and we would talk a lot and kind of flirt, but I never saw anything that made me think she was serious.

After a few years of this one day while we're talking on a friday about the weekend, and she randomly says "think of me when you're out having fun this weekend". Out of nowhere I get the balls to just say something really raunchy to her, "I was thinking about you lastnight". There was a pause, and for a moment I think "shit, I've pushed it too far". As I was about to apologise, she moved in closer and talked softer, in her sexy accent. "rreeaalllyyy" she said as she smiled at me, and looked me up and down as if she was imagining me naked.

I froze "holy fuck is this actually happening!?". No one could really see us where we were, we were still talking softly though. "Something naughty?" she asked? "Would you like it to be something naughty?" I asked her back, she blushed and giggled. "Yes that would be exciting! .... go on tell me".

I was still scared but I thought fuck it, and i began to tell her about the wank I had to her the night before and how I imagined her and me fucking at work in detail. As I was telling her the story I could see she was getting horny, she kind of gulped and breathed out and went "oh my gosh, that is so hot. Finally you make a move after all this time, I've been wanting that cock for years". I cannot fucking believe what I'm hearing, it's exactly like I had dreamed of, her being as horny as I was.

"So what are we gonna do about it?" I asked her, I was feeling really confident and able to be frank and sexy with her now. "Well that's up to you, you know I want you, so be a man and take control". After she said that I knew we were going to have amazing sex, I love confidence and submissiveness in one package, it's so fucking hot. I got her number and we began to send dirty messages and sexy photos back and forth for a while, and at work we'd always smile at each other when we passed by knowing what we were both thinking.

The build up was so hot, then one day we got stuck in the evlevator together, nothing major just for like 2 minute malfunction. The sexual tension was unbearable, I made a joke about how we'd be stuck there all day, and she said "well we might not get out alive, we better make the most of it while we can". We moved closer and I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me, firm but gently, and we kissed, FINALLY, slowly and passionately then it got faster and harder. She was sucking my tongue and biting my lip, she knew what she was doing, she moved her hand down to my pants and felt my throbbing rock hard erection. "OOHHHH she said, hello there.... is this for me?" and I grabbed her ass, rubbing her pussy from the back through her shorts and told her it was hers to do whatever she wanted with.

She kissed me and pulled out my cock, and just looked at it and started to breathe heavy, she told me I had a nice big cock, she started wanking me while we kissed and I put my hand down her pants and felt her pussy, she was so wet I cannot even begin to describe it. We were both moaning and wanking each other and she pushed me against the side of the elevator and started to suck my cock like an animal. This was like every fantasy I'd ever had come to life, I pulled her up and started kising her hard, I could taste my cock juice on her tongue. She pulled my hand back to her pussy and I started fingering her while we stood and kissed and she moaned so loud I swear someone heard us, she began to gush all over my hand and started shaking, she was cumming all down her leg and onto the floor. She grabbed my hand and put it up to her face and started to lick my fingers clean slowly while still moaning softly, and I leant in and we both licked them and kissed.

Just then the elevator started so we quickly composed ourselves and stood there naturally as possible, the door opened and we both acted as if we were bored and upset that the lift had broken to the person who was standing there. The lady asked us "oh what's this on the floor? water?" We played dumb and then laughed as soon as we turned the corner.

That was just the beginning of our sexy adventures together.... if you'd like to read more let me know in the comments.