Written by Shagprettywell

17 Jul 2011

I was having a few drinks in the Old English tavern on a Saturday night when I struck up a conversation with a couple in there: mid 30's, attractive, friendly and very eager to chat. We talked and drank for a while and the conversation turned to sex. They were saying that they had the entire evening to themselves, but couldn't go home for a loud session of fucking as the babysitter was staying over. They then turned the conversation to the topic of where I were staying. I had an apartment overlooking the beach, and that was the ideal opportunity to get them back for a drink and see wher the evening led. Things went really hot in the cab with lots of touching in the back seat. I had my hand up her dress, with her g string pulled to one side so that I could slip my fingers into her wet pussy. Both of them were busy french kissing. Once we are at home, We ended up with her kneeling on the carpet, sucking him dry, and me having my way at the back. Following a hot session, We neded up fucking her in turns with her bent over the balcony while each of us pounding into her from behind.